Busyness: the barrier to creativity…


I realized only tonight it’s been 11 days since I’ve published anything on here, and a further number since I’ve actually written anything significant personally.

Simple, you see. I simply got busy. Busy with work. Busy with life. Busy with everything else. Busy with being. Busy. However, thankfully I have regrouped and re-assessed this craze I’m (these days) trying not to allow to invade my days, in a counter-action to the modern or post-modern day trend. It seems that to feel worthwhile and in any way able to engage on today’s world, the unspoken expectation of the world around us in the West is one that needs to be “productive,” (and by productive, do we mean MACHINE-like?) and to be this, one needs to be – yes, you’ve guessed it: busy.

Busyness, however, for the sake of it, can sometimes be nothing more than an ego-scratching security enhancing blanket masking many other hidden inner states, (with individuals unable to realize it because of so many layers covering over layers inside). Stop and consider.

Business sometimes requires busyness. Fair enough. Busyness, however, is going to come with a cost. Stifling one’s creativity for a start.

Just look how it stifled mine! (n.b. bad joke).
A fresh rest will allow for fresh consideration of what to blog next. Soon the world will be put right again(!)

In addition, though, and much more concerningly, busyness has become somewhat of an epidemic in recent years, perhaps worst of all with Christians and ‘Church.’  I count myself the, ‘chief of sinners’ in this regard in bygone years. Thankfully, though, there is grace.

God has had me on an enormous winding journey since then, one which I would never have personally chosen (and I will save all that for another time), but within it all, a huge new emerging enormous life-changing revelation of REST is slowly becoming a foundational value in my life, (not that I have in anyway fully attained it), in conjunction with an ongoing revelation (slow but I believe sure), of the Father’s love, luring us into a place where we no longer have to run like there’s no tomorrow and fill our days as spiritual sojourners with incessant (often not even very meaningful or fruitful) busyness.

More on this perhaps another time.

First, however, it’s an early night for me.

(Sleep is sometimes one of the most spiritual activities of all).

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