Hospitality…A simple but profound gift

Ireland north and south is famed for her hospitality.

It makes me think of times Ive travelled or lived away from these shores and longed for some true, ‘proper’ hospitality. There is nothing quite like the hospitality of home. In all her various forms. For me, though, nothing quite beats a good cup of tea + toasted bread of whatever preferred and available variety at the time, together with generous lashings of Irish butter, made from green-field eating cows’ milk. Simple but amazing. (I prefer toasted soda bread, by the way, + Punjana tea šŸ™‚

Hebrews in the bible also has something to say on the matter, reminding us not to forget to entertain strangers, for some people in doing so have unwittingly entertained angels.

What a majestic thought.
Unwitting practical mysticism. Wonder how many angels you have entertained ?

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