Friends & beauty 1

Teresa of Avila (St Teresa of Avila) is famous for having said to God in her typical blunt, forthright manner, ” If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few!” 

Sometimes I comfort myself and have a chuckle as I think of this mighty lady from 16th Century Spain, & increasingly one of my heros of the faith, the more I get to know of her & her classic writings. 

Having never read (due to the mere fact of being a woman and not allowed to read) the bible, Teresa embodied the very essence of being a true follower of Jesus. 

She could teach women in our generation a thing or six. 

But it might mean giving up some of one’s friends. It might also mean questioning your very own friendship with God himself. 

More on this another day, though, – I need my beauty sleep.


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