The remarkable story of my brother’s malaria healing: a different type of homework

Last night I had a 14 year-old-girl come up to me and say, “Do you know anything about this?!”

Immediately I looked at the highlighted piece of homework and recognized it as my own article, written about 5 years ago, for a Northern Ireland magazine I used to write for. A story about my very own brother, which she said they were now “studying,” and this was a case study and, “part of her year 11 R.E. (Religious Education) homework.”

Whoah. I felt immediately shocked, and soon after, humbled and excited that my Father God could and would ‘recycle’ some of what was an extremely difficult and trying thing which happened, as well as potentially use some of my writing to speak to some other members of the younger generation about his supernatural power to heal. To have it now be used for school children to ‘study’ in the very school I once attended is quite amazing.
It’s good to be reminded of this incident, and time, but even better to be encouraged with something positive coming out of what was something very difficult and undesirable.

If you want further information, you can check out The Belfast Telegraph newspaper archives: their version of this story was front page news and a feature article in May 2006.



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