California Capers Part 8: Redding to San Francisco


After a remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable final few days in Redding, attending the Randy Clarke healing and impartation conference organised by Bethel Church, I am now at the beginning of the long journey home.

I promised, “more would follow” on the last few posts, for many of you who seem hungry for  more substance and this is a brief attempt to hold true to my word. 

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday I attended the conference & loved the annointed easy-to-listen-to teaching of Bill Johnson, coupled with the humility of Randy Clarke.

This was no usual Christian conference many people back in Northern Ireland (or USA for that matter, or England or whereever you’re reading this from ) would have experienced.

This was gloriously experiential by nature. Much prayer ministry was offered and afternoons were given over to, “receiving an impartation from the Holy Spirit,” through  gifting (which was sighted and commissioned, apparently, by the late John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement). Not for mere scholastic theology lovers.

Regardless of what you make of all this, it was unquestionably interesting!

Worship and praise times were more like heavenly encounters being brought down to earth. It all reached its climax on Friday night, after fabulous praise time led so ably by the gifted Brian & Jen Johnson.

This was followed by Randy Clarke releasing a time of seeing God move & touch people in the room – ( a Redding council owned auditorium, might I remind).

Many people experienced miracles & healings, testifying and demonstrating things they could not do previously.

(This can all be accessed on ‘ibethel tv’ online by the way).

It was light years away from the joy of silent spiritual retreats I advocate highly from, for example, the Benedictine monastery in Rostrevor, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Variety is the spice of life.

My flight is boarding now to New York, so maybe I’ll get to write more then…

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