Kiss and make-up



MUCH IS currently being made of the copious so~called, ‘selfie’ photos sweeping across a certain social media site at the minute.

Whether you like it or not, this internet ‘fad’ relating to cancer charities seeking to supposedly highlight their plight, has caught the imagination and interest of many, with or without it’s practical accessibility to aid actual giving.

The challenge, should we (gullible? stupid? vain? simply fun-loving?) women choose to accept it, was to take a shameless ‘selfie’ and post it to one’s social media site, & sit back and feel….er…so smug that looking at yours truly without make~up on will somehow wonderfully make the world a better, more cancer free place. Or so the suggestion goes.

Call me a cynic, but I don’t go for these internet fads anymore than I’d poke my eyes out if everyone else easily did it. Thinking isn’t meant to be a rare human behavior.

That said, I took one anyway, (posted a picture of myself WITH a little make-up on), and deliberately said nothing more about the whole thing.  I decided to celebrate my own beauty and stop looking at other people. As feminine species we’re pretty good at that pass-time – comparing oneself to others, instead of embracing and appreciating ourselves.

As I write and research this a little more, I have to be honest I am stunned and humbled (silenced even, in my original cynicism), to discover that over 800,000 donations have been given as of today, to Cancer Research UK, raising £1 million in 24 hours. Whatever way you look at it, that’s a lot of cash!

The gimmick took off online, and has since become a national news item.

But there’s a wider issue here, as far as I’m concerned.

The whole issue of women’s inability to these days be seen in public without make-up on, leaves a sad indictment upon our generation and societal values as a whole. What kind of people have we become that females have to ‘fake it, to make it’ – even with their faces, if not especially so?



Men, on the other hand, get to look as fat, miserable and scar-faced as they like. No? Don’t believe me? Have a look at your television screens this evening and take a peek at what your eyes are faced with.

I don’t partake of lots of false face-enhancing make-up wearing on a daily basis, (as much out of laziness and lack of spending power as anything else – for make-up takes quite a lot of money if you let it, you know, men!) and I have never ever written about such stuff, but increasingly patterns of societal norms are ‘irk-filled’ enough to provoke me, so indulge me, if you will.

What are we going to reap with the younger generation if we continually expect them to measure up to blond haired, skinny, air brushed models in magazines, rather than encouraging them to embrace themselves and all they are – inwardly and outwardly?

I decided to tentatively enter some of the femininity based debates.

Having recently entered into my 30s, I expect that as time goes on I will care less and less about such endless stupid expectations as those many around me continue to try to live up to. We are what we are. Let’s begin to celebrate our authentic selves more and more.

Make up or no make-up, men will still find the endless mystery of the majestic feminine species alluring and attractive enough to still be captivated by us.

Right men?!

So I’ve come to the conclusion I am thankful that such thoughts and wider debate has been stirred by yesterday’s online cancer charity ‘selfie’ photo encouragements.

I hope it causes more and more women to feel acceptable and lovely just as they are. Kissable and ready to be treated as the treasure they are, simply as they are.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing some enhancing make up, but there’s also nothing wrong if a lady does not want to have to either.

So let’s encourage the freedom of this fad.

After all, bare is rare, and rare is beautiful.

Right men?

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