Hope triumphs over hype

This week saw the return of the Boston Marathon, in the USA, one year on from the ill-fated bomb blast which killed 3 people and injured over 260 innocent others.

I have a personal interest in this particular story, as my American second cousins, David and Tim Haslet – twins – decided to accept the challenge of their brave sister Adrianne Haslet-Davis, and run in defiance against last year’s bombers, and support their sister’s courageous comeback.

Adrianne and her husband Adam had been innocent bystanders out to enjoy the day, but got caught up in the two bomb blasts at the finish line last year. The strong Seattle-born professional dancer, Adrianne, who lost her left leg as a result of the horrific blasts, determinedly vowed within days of the attack to, “dance again.” 

In her indefatigable style, Adrianne did exactly that, last month, as she tested and tried out a new state-of-the-art prosthetic leg, and danced the Rumba in trademark dignified style and defiance, at a special gathering in Vancouver in March facilitated by the world renowned ‘TED’ Institute. 

This past Monday saw the limelight move, (undesirably as far as they were concerned) to Adrianne’s older twin brothers, David – a school teacher from Freemont, California, and Tim, a landscape gardener from Oak Harbour, Washington.

Neither of them were long distance runners before this, but on Easter Monday, they valiantly achieved the remarkable completion of this arduous challenge.

Upon my recent trip to California in January (see archives here for further details), I met up with David and his wife Coral and two children. At that stage he was already fully into the regime of training necessary to undertake such a mammoth marathon challenge. Neither Tim nor David had any experience prior to this of running Marathons, but they stated in a typical low-key understated style, that they, “did it for love”, and wanted to simply support their sister and brother-in-law Adrianne and Adam, and this seemed like a good thing to do in solidarity.

I have been inspired by their efforts, (if somewhat unmoved in my own personal hatred of running unless accompanied by a football!!)

I salute them all, inspired by their remarkable efforts. Family is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and love casts out fear. Theirs is indeed a story of hope triumphing over the hype of the bombers and all the potential fear surrounding this year’s race.



Left to right: Tim Haslet, David Haslet, Adrianne Haslet-Davis and Adam Davis




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