Ballymoney to Berlin for Adam



Ballymoney man Adam Gage is set to run this year’s Berlin Marathon, raising money for the worthy cause of Oxfam Ireland.

The former ‘Cheer’s drop-in youth worker in the town, now based in Germany, got inspired to do this year’s grueling German capital race.

Speaking to emeraldscribe21, Adam said, “The last time I ran was to catch a bus, so for me to run the Berlin Marathon this year seems a little bit crazy.’

Adam, who is married to German wife Connie, and now lives in Ludwigsburg in Germany, added, ‘When I read of those suffering from the effects of natural disasters or war and of the stark contrast between our lives in the West compared to our fellow human beings in the developing world, I felt that these problems are so big and that I can’t really do anything about them.’

His evident Christian faith based passion compelled him to action, as he explained, “The injustices and problems seem so overwhelming, but I believe that together we can make a difference, we can become educated in how our day to day lives impact the day to day lives of others, are we enriching the communities that provide the goods we use and the food we consume or are we taking advantage of the distance between our communities and passively exploiting them?’

“I really have no personal desire to run a marathon, but feel compelled to in order to raise funds for and promote the work of Oxfam, a group who seek to help people in the developing world to help themselves & who bring emergency relief to communities when disaster strikes.’

Adam is set to run the 26 mile race on 28th September later this year, and has set himself the target of raising at least £1000 to help Oxfam Ireland and go directly toward the work they do with those who need it most.
If you would like to sponsor him, you can do so directly at his online Charity fundraising page, through his ‘Justgiving’ page,

Adam would like to thank all readers and sponsors for their support, “Thank You for taking the time to read, if you are in a position to give something financially no matter how big or small to this great cause please do.”


Check back later in the year to hear how it went.


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