Creative iron sharpening


After my last effort of a poem I posted last Thursday night (as promised 1 per week throughout rest of August), my friend and American second cousin David Haslet rebounded with this poem (see below), which I read on a train first thing on Friday morning travelling into Central London. I immediately loved it, and felt quite amazed, humbled and inspired by the fact it had been created as a direct consequence of my act of obedience and commitment to posting a poem per week the rest of the summer, as I committed to a few weeks ago – so thanks David!

It got me thinking even more about creativity, and how sparks fly from one to another, and we don’t truly know where one creative piece will lead on to. 

Yet if we don’t use it, ‘we lose it.’

Dark forces may try to wield to stop us from achieving an end from the creative process, but press through resistance, and something important more often than not gets created.

There are people reading this blog who think,”I’m not creative.”

Let me be bold and say, with all due respect, that’s a lie, and who are you to deny the God-given creativity within you?

Until recently I didn’t at all see myself as particularly creative. However,this was a lie from the pit, I had been falsely making bigger than the truth within.

The truth is, there is a unique expression of creativity in each one of us. Each of us is created by the great Creator, and are made in his (or her if you like) image, and our creator made us each to have some kind of creativity inside. Of course that doesn’t mean we are all created equally. But everyone has some kind of creativity within them. Not least – I believe – from the Celtic nations, surrounded by such beauty and such charm inspiring our shores.

So what’s yours?

And what needs to be created and pulled out of you, before someone else (like David, with me last Thursday night, between the UK and USA) sparked a directly linked further creative piece to come forth one from another?

Maybe its a song you need to write.

Maybe it’s a book you (or I!) need to have the courage to write (or publish).

Maybe it’s a medical textbook you’ve a very geeky-seeming chapter to create and collaborate on.

Maybe it’s a painting or artwork you need to create.

Maybe it’s a sermon you’ve to craft and preach.

Maybe it’s a cake you’ve to bake.

Maybe it’s a house you’ve to build.

Maybe its a journey you’ve to take.

Maybe it’s a piece of wood-work you’ve to carve?

Whatever it is, whatever your creative contribution to planet earth in August 2016 is meant to be, (and you’ve the hint or a vague sense of it deep within, even if buried with many other obstacles on top), I exhort you this week, with the utmost respect, to pluck up your courage and ‘get on with it.’ Life is short. You never know what sparks will fly or where they will travel to.

Just as my meagre offering last Thursday night, written in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, rippled over to California and back again.

Oh…and here’s David’s poem, I hope he won’t mind me posting and sharing too:

(Feel free to leave me a comment.)



Awakened with Water-fall
Awakened, heart-quickened, she wrote
Hands extending, oaken, leafing
Words to challenge, emboldened with
The ‘coeur’ behind courage
And stories take shape behind struggle
Writings written in times-between-times
Molded after and before healing
A clay pot on the wheel, reshaped and slick
This is the time for speaking
That we who listen may know
When Words are netted
From deep calling to deep
And we, wetted, saturated,
Now spring-filled,
Discovered within movement
And stillness
The roar of His waterfalls
Wash over us.

D. Haslet  July 2016.

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