Thursday Poetry Corner Wk 3: ‘Letting Go’

                                              Photo: Seppo Rinta-Kauppila

Letting go 

Like a fallen Winter storm
Blown through the shattered debris 
Wind swept, 'neath the trees
I unwind the remnant pieces 
Unyielding, yet broken down.
How could it be?
Such a storm passed through my neighbour's 
Charm. My neighbour's beauty. 
Only God knows His just acts.
Only God knows our sins
Fresh grace expands, though, onwards.
Glad to go now, ready to grow. 

The years we had seem empty now. 
No meaning, purpose, just seeming pain. 
As if morning dew came - erasing times without strain.
The mid-afternoon sleep brings new perspective though,
I'll pick myself up, move on.
Water down the cob-webs, 
Saunter on 'til Dawn. 
Life brings new horizons now,
Requiring courage and calm.
I can do everything, apparently, through him who gives
Me strength to keep going, to persevere and plan. 
                              August 2016. copyright

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