Autumn Beauty

img_0261FIVE WEEKS ago I posted a poignant article about a beautiful young lady who passed on to the next life.

A bit of a ‘taboo’ subject, perhaps, but something close to my heart, written with simple heartfelt sincerity to honor the person in question, amidst hopefully articulating some words which could also be shared with others grappling with their grief and pain.

Never did I think it would be viewed by so many hundreds of people and go on to be the most viewed blog article I have ever written, and read in over 38 different countries.

Truly Becky was a special person, robbed of this earth prematurely I still believe, but offering an example,  I also believe, to us all, despite what it may seem like to some.

For, such was her heartfelt ability to connect on a heart level with others, Becky’s passing has been read about and touched hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world, as my meager wee article alone shows.  Acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with her God, Becky offered a practical example of Christ, the Holy Spirit and Father God, in an increasingly ‘screwed-up’ world.  I am not seeking to idolize her, but truthfully there were quite a few things about this young lady’s life and passing which challenge me to the core.

I sincerely hope such sentiments I know shared by many, may be a tiny ongoing encouragement to her loved ones, and in particular close family. May her memory live on and her passing not be in vain.  With time I hope there may be a lasting legacy yet to come from her life, eventually even in terms of, for example, perhaps better holistic mental health provision in Mid-Ulster and Northern Ireland in general eventually. Physically, mentally and spiritually. A far off dream, some may say, (and indeed I even realize, with the slow nature of just about EVERYthing in Northern Ireland, it often feels). But why not?

Northern Ireland has plenty of reasons to be a pioneer in this area.

Today, as the Autumn colours emerge slowly this year, with the kindness of this mild pleasant Friday, the beauty of this land has struck me afresh this week.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming and showing a Swedish friend to my beloved North Coast, and in particular the Giant’s Causeway.  Today I ended up giving a Canadian lady a lift too, from one of the beaches to another local town. They were stirred by the latent mystical beauty of our land, MY land, and I have to say  I once again felt blessed and proud to be from this unique, weird and wonderful wee place.

Despite our politician’s inability to coherently figure out a way forward from the past, and the many negatives so often highlighted by mainstream media, today amidst writing another guest post article for another social media blog, I felt compelled to write a quick article here before this working week is over.

Autumnal beauty is all around us in Northern Ireland. I am thankful to be able to have appreciated some of it this week.

I hope you can too.

Have yourselves a good evening…. the weekend is finally here.


(pic: Slievenacloy Nature Reserve)

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