Simple Sunday ‘Sabbath’ musings…


Just been reading Psalm 23, one of the most common Psalms, and thought I’d share a little simple thought or two.

” …you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

Sometimes a feast is upon us even in the midst of difficulty and opposition from those around us. Our good shepherd has lovingly prepared good things for us to ‘feast’ upon even with tough stuff going on around us.

Additional simple thought(!): the first verse of that Psalm is central: the LORD is MY Shepherd – he is personal and pastoral, and I shall not be in want. He provides for his flock, of which I am one. Therefore, gratefully, “I shall not be in want.” Those gentle but powerful words and promises of this entire Psalm are for each of us who wants to receive them and experience them.

On this new Sunday morning, at the start of a new week, my usual ‘habit’ of having a Sunday sabbath rest is not the same this week. For, I do believe passionately in the entity of ‘Sabbath’ and resting one day a week out of six, as freedom and life-enhancing, not religious drudgery. So for this week, my ‘sabbath’ shall be on Wednesday.

He makes each day a gift to be experienced and explored, even in ill health, there are inward journeys of exploration each day holds the potentiality for.

“I will fear no evil, For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff comfort.”

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