Majestic Murray memories…


… (A ‘beautiful’ post, after being too busy last week to manage any posts as previously hoped)>

EARLIER in the year, you may recall my intentionally vulnerable post about some of ‘downs’ so bear with me as I simply mention one of the latest ‘ups’ in the ongoing journey of life. 

Last night I had the privilege and honour of being present in London’s O2 arena to witness not only tennis – but sport – history, as Britain’s Andy Murray became arguably the greatest ever sportsman this nation has seen. Lifting not only the ATP final’s trophy, but also the World No. 1 spot, after masterfully and majestically thumping his near rival Novak Djokovic in two straight sets.

The 29-year-old from Dunblane wowed the lively crowd, and silenced his critics.

In what’s been the most remarkable year of Murray’s career, the year ended with one of his sweetest victories, as the Scot won the Barclay’s ATP World Tour Finals for the first time, and so doing securing his position as the year-end world no. 1 on into 2017.

This was history in the making, and I still can’t quite believe I got to watch it and be present (that in itself is a whole other story , which I can tell you in person if you buy me a coffee 🙂 I love big live sport contests, and love tennis, so big world sporting history unfolding before my eyes was fabulous. This was simply surreal.

No longer can Andy be doubted as the rightful World Number 1. No longer can it be questioned, after convincingly defeating a gracious Djokovic, who’s struggled ever since winning his second Grand Slam title of the campaign at the French Open in June.

Last night the atmosphere was electric. The arena was full. The temperature was hot. The crowd was mesmerized as Murray put on a magic display of a King fit to be crowned, and rightly ending the year on top of the world.

It feels surreal even now to write this, just twenty four hours on, and now back home in Northern Ireland to the bitter cold winter air, and exhausted from everything else that went on. Somewhat deflated after working long hours last week.

Amidst all the other adversity I’ve had to wade my way through in recent times, and ongoingly so in many cases, last night was a fabulous little bit of sporting relief.

In a week in which I also saw the real stars of London last week -my brave, precious, mighty niece and nephew who were going back in to GOSH for their annual tests and reviews – I experienced again the surreal-ness of the extremes of highs and lows of life. It’s nice when it isn’t always just uphill and mountain climbing and gives some room to breathe – right? Last night was one of those for me. A fun end to a full-on 8 days.

It’s been quite a year for Murray, and in truth it’s been quite a year this end, too, and it’s not over yet.

I have some faithful heavy weights in the area of prayer support, and I couldn’t have done the journey I’ve been on in this year it if it wasn’t for you folks. To these I owe a great debt of gratitude. Thanks!

Its easy to write trite words, but the truth is this, though you won’t read this many other places on the internet tonight: God is good. All the time. No matter what. Sometimes we get to feel it and experience it more than others. Sometimes the path is clearer than others. Sometimes the darkness feels closer than at others. But always, God – the giver or all good gifts – is good, even amidst pain and tough stuff and also in the enjoyable fun, blessed times I’m grateful for too. I thank him for the opportunity to enjoy the O2 last night – oh and did I mention, even get paid a little for it. (You might as well have the vulnerable ‘ups’ with the ‘downs’.)

Keep going if you’re going through the latter, and hope my little bit of sharing of tiny snippets of my story encourages one or two of you out there. The darkness always gives way to some light – eventually – so keep going.





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