Hello from Eastern Europe…


THE UNEXPECTED ADVENTURES within this year, often because of the fierce adversity thrown in the beginning of 2016, (but not a surprise to my ultimate guide) have been quite amazing.

Multiple silver linings.

Some of these I’ve posted on social media, some I have not. Like I often say, I have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with social media, but on this occasion, I decided I would post some of this trip on my blog. If you like what you see, or are curious for more, please follow the blog on wordpress directly, as I probably won’t link it to Fcbk later in the week.

People from Ireland – Northern and the South -are missional by nature, travellers from our created DNA, whether this is consciously realized or not. It’s part of our history,  heritage and no doubt future.

The only way in life is forward. Though I have ‘taken a wee bit of a battering’ in recent times, and have some ongoing health issues to contend with, in learning to manage these, I am pressing onwards, in my own pace and style, and determined to keep overcoming and embracing all Father God has ahead, including the ups, downs and adventure. Regardless of judgement -positive or negative – from others. Stepping out here felt like ‘onwards and upwards.’ Slightly scary and yet exhilarating all in one. It’s strange to think I was out for dinner in the North Coast of Northern Ireland this time 24 hours ago.

Tonight I find myself in the bitter cold, snowy surroundings of Warsaw, Poland, ‘en route’ to another city I will keep you in suspense about later in the week for a journalistic feature article I’ve been commissioned to do for a US magazine. People might have written me off earlier in the year, dismissing my ‘crazy’ (to them) way of living and being led by Him, and not ruled by the rat race striving of the world all around, but they didn’t know my health battles, nor know God like I do.

It’s the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give life and life to the full. You won’t hear much of that one anywhere else in the media world tonight. Maybe there is somebody out there tonight who needs to be reminded of this.


With the cheapness and ease of a certain airline (they just don’t care you know), it was incredibly easy and cheap (£10 ) to fly here, directly from the UK, so perhaps it should have come as no surprise that the ‘plane was full when I left Belfast International this morning, first thing, thanks to my amazing Dad getting up at the crack of dawn to drive me.

I’ve never been to Poland before, but so far so good.


The old and new stand side-by-side together here. The bright Samsung sign instantly reminded me of the city of Kiev, Ukraine, with which I am more familiar.

It’s dark by  almost 3.30pm in Warsaw – almost (which was quite weird, to say the least). A little Polish wouldn’t go a-miss here, as not everyone speaks English, and I once again feel like the lazy English speaker who ignorantly can’t speak the local language. Oh well.

It’s a fascinating cross-over point, from what I can instantly gather, between the old & new, Communism and Capitalism, and Europe and America, all in one.

Tomorrow I’ll endeavour to give you more of an insight into some further exploration of this fascinating large city, so rich in phenomenal history.

The bitterly cold Polish capital may just have already surprised and warmed my heart.


Copyright.L.Dunlop 2016





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