Practicalities in the Polish capital


Downtown Studio rentals is where I am staying, bookable online at (other accommodation sites are available!).

For a very reasonable £20 per night it’s possible to have a spacious, WARM (VERY important here I would argue at this time of year!) double bed studio, with mini-fridge, wardrobe, hairdryer etc. Bathroom facilities are shared, but whilst I have been here have been well maintained.

It’s on the fourth floor, though, so do expect a climb, but if you’re able-bodied it’s fine.

The company sent me a text before I had even left Northern Ireland with all the details of double security passwords to get in here, so it’s very secure, and in a very location of downtown Warsaw, close to all the local main sites and places of interest, amidst the sprawling nature of this large city.

I flew into the shiny new Modlin airport, about 45 minutes drive outside the city yesterday morning on a direct flight from Belfast. Buses are available and easy to access at the airport for 33 zloty (100 zloty cost me £21 back home before leaving) though if you book online well in advance it can be as little as 9 zloty apparently.


(view from my studio, yesterday at 3pm)



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