‘Leannebo’ in a ‘Limo’


IT’S NOT EVERYDAY one gets to have a chauffeur driven ride in a limousine, but today, this memorable, cold Czech Sunday, that’s the surprise I ended up  experiencing.

God has such a sense of humour, and this is a fine example!

For, Ondra, my apartment owner had asked last night if I wanted to order a shuttle taxi (just a normal taxi) through him to the new wee guesthouse I had arranged to stay in for tonight, near to the Prague airport, due to a 5am start tomorrow morning to fly back to the UK. In the end, with his persuasiveness, I said, “Yes, ok.”

Unbelievably when Dan, the driver came to the door to pick me up at noon today, he said, “This will be your car,” and pointed to the limousine stretched outside, and conspiciously blocking the entire road in the old town area where I was staying.

I said, “Are you serious?!!”

I could not believe it!

I was mortified and excited all in one. I was also in shock!

Suddenly I was riding around in the back of a big limousine all to myself, ‘for the craic,’ as we say back home, at no extra expense (thankfully) – simply a bit of banter from Ondra, who seemed to want to, ‘give the Irish girl a good time in Prague on her first time.’ Absolutely priceless, and an hour long ride I shall never forget.

Everywhere we went, people stopped and stared. Again, I was both mortified and absolutely loving the banter of it all.

I don’t do ‘bucket list’s but if I did, I would put this on it. I’d highly recommend it all of you as a very fun thing to do – ride around in the winter sunshine of Prague for free in a limousine! 80’s cheesy music and all! Coke, water, rum, all provided. (Not sure why rum?!)

Oh and Dan, the driver, kindly took some photos at the end – after he had almost crashed into the wall near the new guest house I was / am staying in. I told him not to bother going up to the door, but he seemed to be having at least (if not more) fun than I was, saying, “No, no, it’s an adventure!” The pair of them had schemed behind my back to sort out the limo trip.

What a day. And what a trip. Prague you have been beautiful…and very, very fun.

(And if you’re wondering about the ‘leannebo,’ it’s what some of my friends have affectionately termed me from time to time 🙂


Copyright. 2016.

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