A quick hello & update to ‘Y’all!’

As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago I left home in my beloved Northern Ireland, and followed a leading out of my comfort zone again, (reluctantly not desirably) back (forward!) to the USA. 

It’s been not least because of the health crap I’ve had to deal with in recent years that tried to devastate and wreck my life, hindering me from doing the things I had planned and wanted to do, but thankfully not succeeding.


Everything happens for a reason and nothing is wasted with God. As hard as it’s been at times, I’m very thankful for the way I’ve been led, up until this point in my creative little life, with the resilience, strength and determination to keep going and never give up.

Last week I arrived in my new home of Redding, Northern California, for an intentionally extended period of time. Father God provided where he guided.

The plan came together: goals and milestones met.

I wanted to update and thank those of you who’ve been even a tiny part of this recent journey – it’s been quite amazing to date. My story is not merely my own and I sensed to share at least a tiny portion of it, for the encouragement of others, and glory of God.

(Thankyou to those of you who supported the journey and if you still want to be kept in the loop with my email update/prayer requests but haven’t been added to that yet, get in touch. )

It’s a very interesting time to be in America right now,  to say the least. My prayers and heart go out to the people of Texas ongoingly and now those in the pathway of Hurricane Irma. Also, then this morning, the awful, awful devastation in Mexico.

Here in Northern California, its been the opposite problem, with wild raging forest fires nearby sweltering Redding. It’s been sobering to be so near.

I may or may not update some more in coming weeks…

Drop me a line if you want to keep in touch.


Blessings and love,

…. from the ‘home of the brave and the land of the free.’



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