Jealous ‘smidgens’


IF you’ll bear with me, before I go experimenting or sharing any more on here in weeks to come from the USA, I felt to write a wee blurb of what’s on my heart this week thinking a little about jealousy.  Someone in North Antrim, Northern Ireland might call it, “a wee smidgen.”

Spare a thought for all the single ladies out there (or indeed blokes) who are in your social media and/or real friends’ sphere, and have had to watch on perhaps (if they only admitted it?) rather painfully, for various reasons, whilst Fcbk friends, have shared, for example, endless photos of their wedding, baby photos or ‘cute said child’s first day at school photos,’ etc, etc. The list could go on.


Ever thought about how that might play out on your single friend’s hearts and minds? Umm. Yes. Indeed. At the beginning, when social media first emerged, I was oblivious to it also, but soon, the realities and ripples began to be in my thought processes, as more recent social science research is focused on studying. Posts do have effects. (And if you haven’t perhaps considered the effects of any past of present posts,  that’s something worth pondering).

Another reason why I have loved and hated social media all at once in these bygone experimental years.  (And if I’ve ever pissed you off with past posts, forgive me. It’s not been my intention).

If you’re in that youthful stage of life, though, around the thirty(ish) age bracket(!!), I’d like to propose to you that it’s worth considering this all again before you begin to feel a potential ‘smidgen’ (again, that good North Antrim, Ulster Scots word) of jealousy for any posts I may or may not proceed to post from California in coming weeks.

Bear in mind, too, California is no ‘Mecca’…there’s a lot to be said for Northern Ireland, as I for one have always appreciated and tried to convey. Just maybe not the weather 🙂

All that being said however, I’m feeling a little sway towards potentially posting again on a bit more regular – perhaps weekly – basis. (Not going to pretend I’m not having a significant, or creatively stimulating time out here, and for that reason, some of it I might just feel like sharing a little of. Might 🙂

And for some reason, people give the honour of viewing these humble posts. That part always astounds me. Though then again maybe it shouldn’t. Since, after all, gossip is one of our national hobbies, right?

It’s an honour and privilege, though, to ever have people read or view any creative crumbs. More recently, it seems to be interestingly increasing in the American side of the Atlantic. So who am I to argue with that?

Check back in a couple of days, then, and see what the world of Northern California is stimulating in this Northern Ireland chick’s corner.

I am quietly assured it might be better than the local gossip you’re surrounded by and brighten up the start of your week. Just might.

If it doesn’t? No worries. You can freely go back to the cute kitten photos and child’s first day at school photos, and no one will get harmed in the making or viewing of this total blog.

I promise.






One response to “Jealous ‘smidgens’

  1. It is very nice to see and hear from friends across the world so I will look forward to reading and seeing your musings from sunny California to brighten my day as it is like winter here with some quite horrendous rain

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