The powerful words of a child…


A lot been going on here, but decided to share some amazing post I received here in California yesterday, from my amazing nieces and nephew, who are simply THE BEST.

They have been through SO much, but continue to impact me and others so much. If you don’t know their stories, talk to me in private and I can fill you in. Sam and Ellie are total inspirations.


(Stars and stripes flag by Anna, (5) and Sam(8) )

Yesterday after a long day here, I came home to post with my name on it, and opened it to discover all this: What treasure. The best things in life truly are free. I love and will miss them all dearly. They are probably the best nieces and nephew in the world…!

This was what Sam had apparently thought very pensively at my Mum and Dads’ house to write to me last week, arriving in the post yesterday:





(Art work by Ellie, 10, and Anna, 5).


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