Pondering Prague: One year on


Hot off the heals of my last post about Eureka, USA, I am tonight remembering this time last year, when I was blessed to be in Prague, Czech Republic, in Europe for a work project as a freelance journalist.

I had been wanting to visit Prague since I was a 16-year-old school girl, and that trip a year ago, though only for a brief few days, was an absolute dream come true budget trip, culminating in a sporadic trip around Prague in a white stretch limo, courtesy of a lovely Czech guy I befriended and heard I was a journalist!

Sometimes looking back on the past can be a bad thing, but equally, it is also sometimes good to ponder with gratitude the good things life can conjure up, when these have occurred. Especially when these don’t always seem frequent or forthcoming.

Social science research, is, after all, proving more and more the power – and healing properties – of thankfulness.

For me, Prague in December 2016 was magical. Mystical, and majestic. I would recommend a trip there to anyone. It was even better for me, knowing I travelled there on £10 Ryanair flights to Warsaw followed by £10 bus trip from the Polish capital. (Americans can hardly believe I am serious when I tell them such budget travel is possible in Europe!).

God is in all, through all, and over all. I firmly believe this. It’s up to us whether we taste and see. Though there may be many ‘downs’ with the ‘ups.’

Enjoy my photographs from festive Prague 2016. (Pondering Prague is a pleasant thing to do! )







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