Sixteen Weeks

Sixteen weeks on from the Redding accident I decided to vulnerably share about in April, the sun is gratefully able to be felt once again on my skin.

Time can be a great healer in certain situations.

An awful lot has happened since mid- April in Redding, California.

You’ll understand and forgive my many recent posts about Redding these last few weeks, as it’s literally marked me and etched itself upon my elbow.


As the Carr Fire continues to rage not too far from Redding, life in the “Norcal” city is trying to resume and proceed to some kind of new normal.

I’m personally very thankful for many specific prayers answered for specific individuals and friends prayed for who ended up NOT losing their homes, as winds changed and fire path predictions did not fully materialize. However, feel deeply for those who’ve lost everything – at least materialistically – in these raging cruel fires. The fire fighters and what Americans call “first responders” deserve medals for their sleep deprived exhausted battles.

Meanwhile my much loved homeland Northern Ireland rages on in the political limbo-land we’ve been in since the collapse of the devolved Government at Stormont over 19 months ago. Apparently its something like 21 days until we break the record for longest Western democracy without a functioning Government. Well done Northern Ireland. What an achievement. Not.

The fact is, the good and decent people of Northern Ireland deserve oh so much better.

Politicians should no longer be allowed to claim full pay, all expenses and staff costs as normal.

Simple as that.

It’s not only unethical but immoral in the current climate or ongoing austerity in our nation.

Never mind the absurdity of former Ministers still being driven around in bullet-proof Landrover vehicles.

Where are all the petitions allowing people to voice grave concerns against that?

It’s definitely time for change in Northern Ireland.

Sixteen weeks from now will soon have taken us up to nearly two YEARS without a Government!

Surely we can do better than this?

And let’s hope it doesn’t take a natural disaster to do so.

The scenery on the North Coast is far too beautiful to warrant that.


Portstewart 08/08/2018


If you’d like to donate to help people directly affected by the Carr fires in Redding, see further (unaffiliated) external link below:

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