Open Skies and Hungry Hearts

I happen to have just turned on the TV a short while ago, and someone else had left it on a channel 65, “TBNUK” – the Christian channel now available across the UK on Freeview.

It  immediately captured my attention, as I recognised the girl on TV!

I had seen her and been in a big tent with her last weekend!

She captured my attention then with her brief but powerful story of having been miraculously healed at Open Skies Christian Festival a few years ago, and of God picking her up from the most difficult and darkest of times, speaking to her, giving her purpose and setting her (healed!) feet on a new path into a bright future and her now thriving Christian card business! Now she captured my attention again, this time on British television.

So I sat and listened for a little while this evening and discovered her name is Danielle Gault. Her story is indeed phenomenally inspirational, as she shared across the UK on this chance encounter of me seeing her tonight.



I won’t spoil her story of miraculous healing and transformation by fully re-telling it here, as Danielle’s just signed a book deal to have her story published. But if you want to see some more of her now thriving business, it’s viewable at   (I don’t know this lady at all personally, and have nothing to gain by mentioning her here – I simply felt totally captured and genuinely inspired by her story!).  If you happen to know her you personally, feel free to share this wee blog post prompted by her!

It struck me that nothing is coincidence and nothing is by chance. What a wonderful story of a wonderful woman, healed and set free to soar, by a wonderful God.

It also hit me again that Father God is moving and HAS moved powerfully and pertinently, again, through ‘Open Skies’ down in Antrim last weekend. And I believe and declare WILL move powerfully, more in the weeks moths and years to come.   I had the phenomenal privilege of praying with, and for, dozens and dozens of hungry hearts over the course of last weekend for many hours.  Having had the original privilege of praying over the land Open Skies is held on, in private as I had cause to be there for then work purposes, the very week before the first ever festival a few years ago.

I would love to hear more stories and follow ups to this year’s gathering and hear some of those which have already been answered. But of the few that I’ve already heard, it has certainly been worth the intense battle of the weeks prior to it.  Make no mistake, God is not dead, He’s surely alive and no insane situation like what I wrote of last week is too big for him. Not even Northern Ireland’s stalemate. God is in the business of healing the lands and hearing humble hearts which come together to worship and pray.

So what a privilege to be at Open Skies 2018, and experience the joy of serving and praying for Father God to fill the hungry hearts of worshippers willing to believe Him for more.


After all I myself have been through in recent weeks – which I’ve made no attempt to hide – I was grateful just to be able to stand and walk around, let alone pray and see others lives touched and situations shift. To God be all the glory for all levels of that.

The best is yet to come. A new season is on the horizon.

The power of God is alive and well. (And if you need healing or healing prayer for any situation, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask a believing believer to pray with you. You just never know what might happen).

Things could actually tangibly change…



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