All The Best


Time has run away.

The bright Summer evenings are faded.

This will be my last blog post I said I’d do over July and August from Northern Ireland.

This past week has been filled with a few highs and plenty of valley moments too, but I’m about to step into a thoroughly new season again so it usually comes with the territory.

Finally last week after 18 long hard weeks of battling with the British travel insurance company to pay up for the USA accident FOUR months ago, I vulnerably shared a little about on here. I finally have been victorious and had all American medical bills paid back (halleluljah).

Once again, never have I been more thankful for the NHS. This past week, again no exception.

My (expensive!) precious elbow is doing well. My knee a little further to go.

As Northern Ireland continues to linger on in political limbo and uncertainty, I am heading away again for a 3 month work project. Work of any kind is increasingly sparse here in Northern Ireland, and I – like so many others – am actually a good example of what is happening to people here, in this land, forced to move away for better opportunities, also tying in with our missions roots.

It’s time for all leaders, of all varieties, on all “sides” to freshly awaken to their responsibilities and privileges.

“If your gift is leadership, govern diligently,” is how St Paul puts in the original Roman church.

For me, its time to step out in faith again. Onwards and upwards, whatever curve balls life continues to throw.

Life is full of twists and turns, but it’s good when we know that Father God is in them all.

Oh…and I’ve titled this post in honour of our very Northern Ireland phrase – I’ve been wished it no less than three times a day the past week, by various people, whether friends, doctors, shop keepers, nurse, or family. Whoever. I actually love it.

Never ever will you hear that phrase anywhere else in the world.  (And people know me well enough not to wish me mere luck!)

So to all of you, too, who’ve stopped by over recent months:

All the best!

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