The Best And Worst of Times

WITH THE best of intentions, I planned to write a further blog post last weekend, but amidst a blessed and busy, redemptive God-gifted trip back to my unplanned, second home of Redding, USA. it simply didn’t happen. Oh well. There’s grace for that.

Yesterday, after a long and uncomfortable flight from San Francisco – on the most space challenged seating I have ever experienced on Virgin Atlantic might I add (a definite decrease in space on this seemingly newly fitted plane. Much more akin to a certain Irish airline, and highly non-recommended) – I made it back to British soil and a London continuing to linger in the dreaded, “B-word” crisis.  No not simply the backstop, but “bloody Brexit”. Either is a bad word right now in almost the entire UK.

In the space of just a few weeks (amidst an unfruitful few years) the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) has been plunged into further ongoing chaos and now historic stumbling and “stuckness”.

The March 29th deadline has now come and gone, and the UK remains locked in ongoing historic wranglings as Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party continue to hold their ground on the Irish backstop border issue, ridiculously powerful in continuing to prop up the Conservatives ever weakening power.

Regardless of one’s politics, it now enters a historic era, and prayer is no longer the non-entity it once was in the echelons of Westminster.

Having just returned home to the UK yesterday from the States, it was a very interesting situation to be in on an almost daily basis in recent weeks being asked about Brexit and my unique personal insight and analysis from a, “real Northern Ireland person’s” perspective.

Never ever before have I felt so much like Northern Ireland might actually matter – at least a “wee bit” more than usual. Never before has my pertinent, poignant accent been so listened to in Northern California.

Everything from a Brazilian taxi driver, to a New York designer, to a Bethel leader, to a black Californian medic asked me genuinely interested about Brexit, listening with intent to what I tried – somewhat simplistically and insufficiently – to explain Brexit and the backstop to an otherwise ill-informed, but genuinely surprisingly eager American audience watching on with very sincere interest now, and somewhat in disbelief.

With last week’s daily Brexit developments, one could be forgiven for remembering there are 5000 miles or so between California and the British Isles.

With the power of the media, nearness of the news updates via the internet and subsequently extraordinary daily updates from Westminster, the American -British ‘special relationship’ has been something I’ve witnessed and curiously experienced with genuineness and hearty interest from my Northern California neighbours, during this Spirit-led, God-ordained redemptive time I will tell you about in person if you buy me a coffee sometime.

Somehow the Prime Minister Teresa May has held on to power. Yet one wonders for how much longer.  With tonight’s further Westminster results imminent, perhaps the next 24 hours will yield yet another unprecedented twist in this crazy tale we are all witnessing unfold, as Chuck Pierce’s prophecy about “London’s 9 month auditing” continues to be played out on on a global, historic scale.


(San Francisco International Airport, USA).




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