NI citizens are stirring against new extreme abortion law


Having had a break from social media completely for a wee while over the Summer, and an intentional pull-back from everything to focus on one or two specific things in life, I could no longer hold back on posting something on here I’m unashamedly passionate about. As most of you know, I’m a practising follower of Jesus Christ, a child of God, continuing to work out my salvation (as all real disciples are called to do) with fear and trembling. I’m happy enough to add I’m an apprentice at best.

From my humble vantage point, however, it is simply not ok to be silent or apathetic when laws of the land are about to be enforced on Northern Ireland by completely undemocratic means.

For those of you reading on from other nations let me spell out very clearly:  Yes, you read that correctly, NO ONE in Northern Ireland got to vote on upcoming new horrendous laws set to legally allow the ending of an otherwise perfectly healthy baby’s life up to the shocking age of 28 weeks.

In other words, prior to 28 weeks in the womb there will be no law on abortion.

Hello folks…? This is 7 months gestation!

What truely compassionate women can sit back (or shout forward) and say this is ok? Worse still, that she, as the mother demands more rights for herself than the innocent voiceless child with no ability to speak up for itself? Shouldn’t she have thought about her own body and rights before the sex she later regrets? Adults get to be big people, make big decisions and suffer the big consequences themselves. What about the child?

Not in MY name. Not on my watch.

As a women of child bearing age, I feel strongly enough and legitimately qualified on this subject by my oestrogen levels and monthly moodiness if nothing else (!) to challenge any man, or women, who supposedly compassionately ‘demands extra rights’ for women, to really have a long hard look at this (and themselves ) if they think these new laws are legitimately ok. (And the abhorrent manner in which Westminster MPs have disgustingly and dictatorially gone ahead and pushed through such barbaric and unwanted legislation, with zero input or involvement from Northern Ireland’s own citizens. )

This week I had the privilege of joining in with well over a thousand other Christians inside St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, on Monday night, to gather in unity, pray and seek to put a stop to the merciless killing of multitudes of innocent lives.


Over twenty thousand people gathered to silently protest at Stormont on Friday night and march in silence in Belfast on Saturday.

It’s time for Westminster politicians – even amidst all the Brexit debacle – to stop and listen. 

It’s time for Stormont politicians receiving over £35,000 a year to get back to work.


David Legge, event organiser of  more Monday night’s prayer gathering at St Anne’s said, “There have been petitions, protests and political activities, but we felt as Christians, there was an importance of prayer for God’s intervention.”

These are set to be some of the most liberal laws in Europe, and therefore the world, when it comes to terminating babies’ lives in their mother’s womb.

Northern Ireland could be set to become the late-term abortion capital of Europe, if a devolved Government in Northern Ireland does not get back up and running within the next 7 weeks. The change in law would mean much, much more liberal laws than most of Europe, which has a median 12 week time limit for most abortions across EU countries.

Under the new abortion laws – ‘The Northern Ireland Formations Bill’ – set to be introduced in Northern Ireland by 21st October (if a devolved power sharing Assembly is not back up and running in Stormont by then, which was collapsed nearly 3 years ago), doctors and/or other medical professionals with pro-life views will also be completely unprotected, with no conscientious objection protections at all in place.

That’s not to mention, on the other hand, the fact that doctors don’t even have to be involved at all in the procedure.

In England and Wales, under the 1967 Abortion Act, the approval of two doctors is needed before an abortion can be carried out. However, under the new law in NI, it would be possible that healthcare assistants, pharmacists or nurses will be able to take the leading role in the abortion process. There would also be no specific abortion legislation stopping other third parties either providing abortion pills or undertaking ‘backstreet abortion’ on women.


And even if you don’t care about this subject at all (though i struggle to see how anyone here could not), and only care about the financial side of things, abortion on demand set to be introduced by these excessively liberal new laws would cost Northern Ireland an extra £5 million a year.

Dr Esmond Birnie, a senior economist, states that among the ” big moral issues”, it would be, “naive to forget a public expenditure cost,” from the changes Parliament at Westminster has proposed.

“This will strain the already over-stretched health service – this is money which will not be available to spend on mental health services or reducing waiting lists.”

At a critical time when NI’s health service already feels close to breaking poing in certain areas is this really something we can afford?

Let alone the fact it’ been dictatorially imposed upon us, the people of Northern Ireland, by outsiders who neither understand nor care about us or our mis-understood Province.

Surely it’s time to listen to those who have no voice.

Thank God Christians in Northern Ireland seem to be finally finding theirs.

Better late than never.



One response to “NI citizens are stirring against new extreme abortion law

  1. Check out Trip Lee’s song “Beautiful Life”. He’s a Christian rapper; the song’s about a potential abortion. I pray that this law legislating for a holocaust will never be enacted!

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