Covid 2020 Tales


FROM THE beauty of rural Northern Ireland, I write to you from the ugliness of covid-19 quarantine, in what already feels a bit like a strange prison type scenario after 10 days of lock down and original self-isolation.

It now looks set to be for the next 11 and a half weeks following recent Government action and updated medical advice for me, individually, following a decade or more of thick adversity with rubbish respiratory infections, and ongoing YEARS of medical investigation and consultation now ceased due to this unprecedented pandemic.

Perhaps for that reason the fear that seems to have gripped the nation has honestly (at least not yet) not gripped me. It’s already been years of this type of crap I’ve faced. I’ve lost a lot along the way of the arduous I’ve already travelled. It all feels much easier now that I’m far from feeling or being alone. Suddenly some of that makes much more sense. God is in the business of knowing what He is doing and His leadership is perfect. Peace of a supernatural kind is honestly guarding my heart right now, mostly, and it’s a blessing and tonic I highly recommend.

As someone (relatively!) young but considered to be currently at medically high risk of this deadly virus for clinical reasons, I find myself on the fringe, hidden, in a previously unimaginable situation only viable or thinkable within a far-fetched movie. I’m now only slowly coming to terms with my original denial last week, if honest, about being couped up like this for supposedly endless weeks. Much more in my nature would be a desire to be on the front line. Feeling like a useless waste of space is not really my forte. Prayer and fasting, however, are far from useless, something I’ve been able and intentionally engaging in, at Jesus’ recommendation, not merely my own. So it’s a lie I battle with (like many of yours) when my gremlins let me feel this way. God has a way of getting us to, ‘be still and know that He is God.’ Northern Ireland followers of Christ aren’t reknowned for their ability to rest and spend time sitting at the Father’s feet. Yet that is the very thing He is calling many to at this present time. Rest is the key thing God is blessing many with in this undesired strange forced Sabbatical. Not, however, many of you reading this – whom I applaud from the bottom of my heart – as doctors and nurses on the front line.

Most people who truly know me know I’m a happy introvert capable of significant amounts of extroverted social interaction. However, I certainly don’t appreciate being couped up for weeks or months on end against my will, just as much as you reading wouldn’t.

So to ease the burden, release some boredom, connect with the outside world some more  – hopefully many of you – and to stir some further creativity & hopefully brighten some others’ days along the way, I intend to write privately and blog publically a wee bit more over the coming days and weeks of this strange situation we all find ourselves in across the globe.


I can’t promise this will be full of drama, coming from a prison-like situation, but I can promise it will be original, and if you’re bored in your own ‘social isolation’ hopefully let you know you’re not on your own.


It is also my desire to potentially give a ‘voice’ or online space to those who’d perhaps like to share some stories or internal ramblings worthy of a share. So feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to consider writing up your story or experiences (preferably of a positive slant) for wider consumption by a greater online audience.

None of us on planet earth know exactly how this will all ‘pan out’, or where exactly this is going, but it’s good when we can know the One who does.

If you’re feeling frightened or low because of it all, you’re most certainly not on your own. It’s entirely to be expected.

Just don’t give up. Keep going.

One day at a time we are all going to get through this. However long or short this all may turn out to be – and don’t be surprised if it’s not the projected figures or timeframes given by well meaning but athiest scientists.


Gratitude is also key to get us all through this thing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay safe and check back for more on Sunday.



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