Covid 2020: Part 3


A VERY interesting unexpected thing is happening since I’ve started posting these pathetic wee covid-19 period blog posts.

This blog site has been receiving new and unexpected traffic from China almost everyday from search engines.

This has never happened here before, and I’m keeping a close eye on it. One could be forgiven for thinking the Chinese are keeping a watchful (some might say paranoid) eye on Western media outputs of any and every nature relating to covid-19.

Perhaps I should feel flattered they’ve taken able notice of my meagre offering?!

Since my first post titled blatantly as these are, I have received new search engine traffic from China in the statistics section WordPress supplies very regularly, with avid interest it seems.

Make what you want of that.

But I certainly don’t have any known links or friends in China, so I definitely found this an interesting development.

I have never previously had WordPress traffic (visitors) from China before. So it’s definitely been a little eye-opening.

But I dont intend to let it stop me. Though the sense of intimidation has been quite felt, if honest,  the sense that my writing is indeed being watched from the Far-East as I write on a topic China is keeping a close, close eye on in the West is intriguing.

This week I continue (along with the nation) to watch on in horror and upset about the escalation in deaths throughout the British Isles from this deadly demonic virus.

It’s disturbing and still only beginning.

Prayer and Fasting continue and are ramping up around the British Isles it feels like – even if the British Government’s testing of covid victims is not.

Will post again on Sunday – with or without a changed title.



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