Covid 2020 Tales (iv)


TODAY’S POST almost hasn’t happened.

But I decided to keep the discipline and fulfill what I wrote I would last time, of posting again “on Sunday”.

One of the good things I’m loving about this increasingly pretty horrible time of living through this historical 21st century pandemic, is the increased level of prayer going on in the lands that particularly hold my heart.

Shocking news just came about an hour ago, which by now all of you will have heard.

The leader of the United Kingdom has been hospitalized as a “precautionary” act (or so we are told).

United Kingdom Christians need to die to self and any personal political views and pray – as we are clearly commanded to do in the Bible, if you havn’t been doing so already. Pray for Boris and pray not only for his body to be healed but pray for his soul – mind, will & emotions. Pray for his pregnant partner and wider family. Above all let’s pray for what the enemy has intended for harm in UK, (through ALL the chaos that’s going on and swirling in the nation) to be eventually turned for good.

God is allowing all this shaking, to not least shake and wake up comfortable, cosy Christians out of lazy, prayer-less slumber.

It’s time to change.

Its time for the Church to get her own house in order.

It is very basic Biblical Christianity to pray for one’s leaders and those in authority.

Why is this not previously common place in so many local Churches – particularly the newer, charismatic type Churches?

If anything, mockery of global leaders is often more common place.

Shame on us all.

Any Christian who mocks any national leader ought to take a long hard look afresh at themselves, amidst a long hard look at the Bible. I include myself in this. Honour is supposed to be the Kingdom culture – not tearing down, mocking or grumbling about the very ‘kings’ and leaders put in place by God. (This includes American Presidents, too, by the way).


‘Bumbling Boris’ is a human, just like us all, and deserves the prayers of his people, regardless of one’s politics. He is not a leader I myself usually have a lot of time for in his political dealings, (just so you know) but it doesn’t matter. The call to still pray for him, as a leader in our nation, is very clear, whether you or I like it or not.  I wholeheartedly have been, and will be continuing to, pray for him and many others extremely intentionally at this very, very interesting time we are now living through.

We are in a very key week in the history of the UK and Ireland. I feel it in my Spirit. May God hear our cries and have mercy on us and heal our lands.

By humbling ourselves in prayer – especially those who consider themselves followers of the Way, our lands have a better chance. Our leaders have a better chance for a healthier future – in more ways than just combatting a coronavirus. Pray not only for Boris pray for all of them – whoever you like and the rest you don’t. Heck even pray for Donald. And this pandemic absolutely will pass on. But not without the devastation it is now wrecking across both humans and the economy. And this is Biblical too – Jesus never promised us any lives without suffering.

Shaking has come to the nations in a way in which many would have previously found incomprehensible.

It reminds me of Haggai 2. (Check out verese 6-9).

Watch out for Passover.

Shift is coming.


Will endeavour to write again sometime mid-week. (If you’re very bored check back then).


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