Covid 2020 Tales (vii) : Pandemic-inspired Pallet Creation Continued

So here we are. The UK has been in “lockdown” now since over 3 weeks ago, and today the almost inevitable happened, as Boris Johnson’s number 2 in charge, Dominic Raab, announced we would have a further 3 weeks extension to this tight lockdown we are all in still in this part of the world.

I find myself looking forward to dinner a lot every night, grateful for food, grateful for healthy appetite, and grateful for health to enjoy it. As constraining as this covid-19 lockdown and shielding can all feel sometimes, we have so much to be thankful for here.

My afternoons this week have consisted of pottering about in a shed at home, and as I shared yesterday, experimenting with some basic pallet woodwork.

Having never really used a proper hand saw in my life, it could have gone either way.

But here is the next stage.

It’s far from perfect, but it’s definitely bespoke.


A pandemic inspired pallet sofa for the garden beginning to take shape.

Now all we need is for this glorious sunshine we’ve been having in Northern Ireland to continue.

Good morning coffee has never been more needed and appreciated in these days.

The Italians weren’t lying when I remember reading a few weeks ago that we’d likely find ourselves eating more in tight lockdown.

Food and drink seem to taste so good.

The weekly delivery now arriving gratefully at the door is one of the highlights of the week’s activities.

Amidst the simple rhythm of basic carpentry and hammering.

Who could have imagined all this, even just two months ago?





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