Covid Tales (xii): Ten Questions To Ask Yourself About Covid

Tonight I begin with a few prefaces.

First of all, as they say in my part of the world, “don’t eat me” if you disagree with any of this. We are all entitled to think and have differing views, but I believe in the beauty of diversity and the honour of respecting others who have different view points than my own. What I won’t tolerate is dishonour, rudeness or undue insulting comments. Be prepared to be deleted and/or blocked if necessary. Diversity and respect are values I hold dearly. So too, healthy boundaries.

I also believe passionately in truth, justice and freedom of the press to include healthy scrutiny of authority and such things.  Not from a place of disrespect or rebellion, but from a place of love. After all, we are called as Christians to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

We are also guided in the Bible that our bodies are, ‘Temples of the Holy Spirit,’ and thus the brain is included in this. If our brains are given to us by our good creator, then of course we ought to worship and glorify Him (or if you prefer, Her!) through our exercise of our grey matter. I, and many others, believe thinking is actually a pretty good thing..!

A couple of weeks ago when I last wrote and posted anything of substance, I don’t think I was vulnerable enough. (You know it might come as a bit of a surprise, from all my past vulnerable posts on here, but I actually don’t particularly like vulnerability – it doesn’t come naturally to me, and is not an easy or often wise thing to do online). But when the Spirit is prompting, we need to obey. Forgive me for that. Forgive me also if I shocked you too much with a different view point. It was written from a place of passion, purity and indeed pain that week, from various difficult things that happened that week.

I didn’t share last time, that I unfortunately know quite a bit about the evil seriousness of Covid 19 from personal experiences. My very own sister has been battling against it, ever since a very serious turn of events on the night and exact time I led and ended a 24 hour fast for this land I love, back in March. Coincidence? Most definitely not.       It’s time for Christians to realise we are in a war. Now and always. It’s just that most middle class Christians in Northern Ireland have for a long time had an incredibly cosy, comfortable wee life, and those are often the ones most struggling with the current 9 week lockdown we are still in. (Which I “get” and totally understand – unlike many other leader’s statements at the minute,  I don’t believe we are meant to thrive in captivity, because I know Christ came to set captives free! Anytime we see control rising upon the earth, we know it is not from God!). Those of us who’ve had a lot more adversity in our lives are doing ok right now. But let it be known, I personally absolutely know what a horrendous, ghastly, awful thing this evil virus is. More than most of you reading here, and much more than I care to. There’s a lot more I could say but won’t here.

It also goes without saying (but I’ll write it anyway!) that our dedicated and wonderful NHS staff deserve full praise and thanks for all they were and are doing here and elsewhere too.  I have prayed and fasted for them more than most in these past 2 months  – many by name for extended periods of time. I simply wanted to highlight a few other blatant facts, and stand over them, as presented in Covid Tales (xi). Many of Northern Ireland’s fine doctors and nurses have themselves admitted privately how strange this situation has been to some of them (the ones in empty wards, in empty hospitals over recent weeks – which I myself witnessed in Causeway hospital 3 weekends ago) but are prevented from speaking up further by their codes of conduct, and higher direction and control.

Now we’ve got all that straight, here are ten questions for you to ponder and ask yourself – or others in your households – now that we are NINE weeks into this tight lockdown, in a so-called free country, with less than 600 covid (RELATED) deaths here.

Just some things to ponder:

1).Why can you go to Tesco or an Off-licence, but you can’t go to worship in a large spacious Church where it’s entirely possible to social distance if needs be, or have excess cleaning done if needs be?

2).Why can people in the UK needing elective surgeries (including the distressed Dad of a little girl on the brink of losing her eyesight, emailing me earlier asking for prayer) not have their elective surgery, (even though it’s an emergency, waiting now for weeks), yet if I wanted an abortion tomorrow that would be no problem?

3). Why is there still such crazy fear, when the science tells us there is such a low death rate and the figures for Northern Ireland (at least the ones that have been released!) tell us the virus has stopped multiplying in the community here in any major way, weeks ago? 182 cases have been recorded officially in Causeway Coast and Glens Area, out of a population of just over 144,000, for example, with just 32 deaths of older people, who had underlying health conditions or existing co-morbidities. So why close up an economy catastrophically, indefinitely, ongoingly, for this low number of vulnerable people affected?

4).Why is the British Government starting to quarantine people coming into the country only next month, in June, having deliberately chosen NOT to quarantine 18,000 people a day coming into the country in these last 3 months when it would have been beneficial to do so but UK Health Minister Matt Hancock specifically said (really patronizingly, might I add) last month in a daily briefing that it, “wasn’t needed.”              At the height of the virus spreading at the start of April, Heathrow had thousands of people still flying into it, even from covid hotspots. Yet, next month, we are starting up quarantine now, when the virus has passed mostly. Where is the sense in that? By the way, this means the prospect of tourism or jobs relating to it is finished for 2020. More importantly for most of you, it means your prospects of a Summer holiday are very, very slim.

5).Why is the Government starting to tell people to mask up, after MONTHS of telling people the science did not warrant it?

6). What is 9 weeks (and counting) of tight indefinite lockdown doing to our mental health? And what of our children?

7). Why did former USA President Obama’s Administration give $3.8 million dollars to the Wuhan Lab, in China, in 2015?

8). Why did the top USA Medical Officer, Dr Anthoni Fauci say in 2017 that the Trump administration would be faced with a “SURPRISE PANDEMIC”, then in 2020 runs the American pandemic team? And is conveniently linked strongly to a certain Mr Bill G-tes.

9). What does a computer geek (Bill G-tes) have to do with a pandemic (if it’s an innocent pandemic) and why does he want 7 billion corona virus vaccines?

10). Why can I take a microwave oven to a recycling centre in Northern Ireland as an “essential journey”, but cannot go to an open spaced beach, for example, for a walk?


Just asking for a friend…


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