XV: Chained Up In Debt Amidst A Manipulated New Paradigm Shift

We are in a new ERA, and we are in this for the long haul. No matter what you believe, with a country now chained up in £2 TRILLION of debt, the winds of chaos and change are coming on the Autumn horizon.

The old ‘normal’ is not coming back.

The UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty last week openly stated that he, “expects to see these measures all continue over the Winter and on into next SPRING.” “Then we will see…” he added, somewhat ominously.

Did you catch that? Next SPRING!

That was at the last UK daily coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday, 23rd June, at Downing Street. Very openly. Very clearly. We are not being allowed back to ‘normal.’

Many people think that all this strangeness of the last 3 and a half months is now coming to an end, and we all “cant wait to get back to normal,” I still keep hearing people say. Of course I want to get back to the old way too, more than anyone, but the powers that be are not even remotely close to letting that happen.

As Chris Witty stated, there is zero intention of letting people back to their old way of life.

And now, economically, we are simply not able to ever go back to that normal.

We keep being told, manipulated into, entering an overnight ‘new normal’.

The grief is real. The new world order is trying to create a new paradigm, if not already done so,  that very many people have simply just unscrupulously, compliantly, ‘bought into’, without giving it the adequate (or indeed any reasonable!) thought, scrutiny or prayerful consideration it all deserves.

Let’s all “socially… distance” for a long term foreseeable future apparently. Because, er the made up term…socially distancing isn’t oxymoronic at all?

It’s not all emotionally damaging ?

Where’s the science on it all?

Let us see it and scrutinise it.

After all, Government is meant to be about ‘following the science,’ and governing the people who voted and put you in power, not lording it over them, seeking merely to grab greater power and control.

Where’s the research on social distancing, detailed completely undebatable face mask benefits, and complete certainty on the fact droplets which apparently pose a threat when one speaks at all, never mind singing, whether specific 2 metres or 1 meter apart? Or the obviously greatly scientific Boris term, “1 metre plus”. Yes. Great science there. Evidently.

Real science stands up to real scrutiny.

The reason Boris’s term “1 metre plus” was bandied about and the exact distance able to be moved so easily by Government, is because it doesn’t actually exist with peer reviewed science. It’s extremely limited, at best.

Sir Patrick Vallance (UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser) himself admitted this, sneekily, quietly, a couple of weeks ago on one of the (by now ended) daily coronvirus briefings from Downing Street.

There is no hard evidence and quantifiable, hard scientific research stating that social distancing, for example, is actually a thing, never mind something that could or definitely would protect us from a now ‘case-demic’ in Northern Ireland, because if one actually does look at the science, as I and others have done, the virus peaked at the beginning of April, and is firmly, firmly on its way out, less threatening and potent. Though the Government wants you to be terrified and scared to leave your home, s that compliance to their control is much more likely. The Government and dark forces at work want to continue to control by inducing the fear pandemic again trying to manipulatively hit you with oppressive thoughts and incessant chat about now being in a second wave, despite the fact a top Italian Doctor has spoken out on the virus losing its potency and yet unsurprisingly was shot down, barely given a whisper amidst the darker agenda’s narrative continuing to dominate:


Don’t take my word for it, go look for it all up yourself. You won’t find the hard evidence for the made up term “social distancing”, for example, or hard conclusive undeniable evidence on many other hugely restrictive measures, but you will find the science for other important things being completely ignored in all of this.

So why exactly are we all accepting all this so easily and so entirely freely?

Good question.

Who decided it’s time to have an entirely “new normal” paradigm shift on planet earth anyway? And why are many in Northern Ireland very casual about this manipulation?

Perhaps more importantly, who is set to make millions and millions of pounds and dollars out of all this?

Because its crazy difficult to speak up or out, isn’t it? It takes courage and indeed faith – (let’s just say none of this is being written or published lightly on my part!). This all matters too much to simply ignore and allow all this without a whimper or at least an attempt to wake people up to think and discern a bit more.

And the “new norm” creators want you or I to think we are crazy having any kind of different or additional intelligent thoughts other than the mantras being projected out onto everyone or everything, be it the latest building society advert, or a Motorway sign. We’re all in this together, after all, didn’t you know?

SO, who are the people behind creating this new paradigm we’re all being socially manipulated into, completely tearing up our societal norms and our natural relational lives in Northern Ireland, the British Isles and beyond?

And once again, who is set to make millions out of it?

And for Christians out there, are you really just fine with being manipulated with it all? After all, manipulation’s root is a mild form of witchcraft and witchcraft is very clearly stated in the Bible to be deplorable. It’s certainly not God’s will. Manipulaton, fear and control – the very things associated with this virus – aren’t exactly highly related to God or God’s ways.

Think about it again, why is it we all are just meant to keep indefinitely buying in to this entire new paradigm?

Oh that’s right… it’s because of all the poor elderly people neglected and deliberately put together with other covid 19 infected patients who died needlessly because of Government disastrous (if not intentional?) PPE efforts and complete lack of planning or action to protect a very obviously vulnerable sector in our society.

We shut down our whole economy, and are about to catestrophically do so again, teaching our children how to become mega fearful and at best extremely distant, then scare the wits out of our older generation and vulnerable to never come out of the house again. Does this make total logical wise sense to you ? – especially now that the figures are so reassuringly clear – less than 600 dead according to the Northern Ireland Department for Health official Government figures. No wait, it’s now under 1000 according to the NISRA figures – because they include just about every symptom possible and sign off a covid death with absolutely everyone dying just covid “related” (not because of). That’s er…good…science? Very reassuring don’t you think?

   (Last edition of one of the newspapers I used to write for – take a note of the final paragraph or two of this front page Government press release about covid deaths).

” The figures includes cases where the doctor noted that there was suspected or probable coronavirus infection involved in the death, whether or not COVID-19 was the primary underlying cause of death.”  

This says it all folks.

I’m not afraid of it all though. The future normal we are all (mostly sleep walking) into.

No matter the journey ahead though, God – my Papa and good, good Father will be with me in it. No matter the journey. He’ll be with You in it too. If you let Him. If you ask Him in. He is Sovereign, and ultimately in control.

However, that does not mean we are supposed to just accept, agree with everything, or love the fact we will be under fresh control and even perhaps considerable suffering in the days, weeks and months ahead, not to mention persecution as Christians. But it’s not you or me I’m concerned about here it’s really your children, and my nieces and nephew.  And all the children. And yes after that, my concern is what does Papa God want for us too in this all? What does he really think about all this and what’s proposed?

We know that when control rises upon the earth, that certainly isn’t from Father.

Jesus came to give life and life to the full, not chain people up and take away their freedoms.

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

And we know that debt is also a massive chain, and Jesus came to, “set captives free”. Not chain up individuals and nations for decades and decades to come in thick poverty, causing Churches to get excited about their food bank ministry – that’s if the individual Church survives at all in months ahead. The fact, is food banks should not even need to exist in Western nations, especially those with existing social welfare programs.

Are we really ok with our children and indeed everyone also being eventually forced into being vaccinated by micro-chipped DNA altering vaccines which a certain Mr B*ll G*ates has openly stated could quite possibly ( indeed he even said “probably”), seriously harm up to 700,000 people if they get away with his open global plan to carry out mass global vaccination of up to 7 Billion people on the planet, (which are set to be able to alter a person’s DNA*)?

*(See https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/vaccines-that-change-your-dna-gates-italian-experiment/ )

Who’s going to benefit monumentally financially through all of that?

And would you be ok if your child happens to be one of these unlucky science experiment 700,000 individuals he has openly stated could quite likely be harmed long term or worse, as collateral damage, in order to line Mr G*tes (very philanthropic of course) pockets?

You just might want to take some time to think about all this a bit more. It’s affecting your life quite a bit, and going to affect your life quite a bit.

Better still go look into it all more yourself. And please don’t take my word for it. Canadian journalist James Corbett (for example) has done a pretty good job at collating all that Mr G*ates and company are up to. It’s a two hour documentary, but well worth the watch. If you want more understanding on what the heck is going on the past few months and beyond this will definitely stimulate your grey matter a wee bit more:

But in depth research of any further kind is very difficult now. There is now mass internet cleansing and mass shocking, blatant, rampant censorship going on at present, hyper commonly now during these last couple of months, so it isn’t now very easy to find all that was easy for individuals like myself to find back in March with not that much effort required for a trained journalist. However now, a lot of it is impossible to find. I have been shocked by it all, and I’m in no way naive to it. So what have they got to hide? They don’t censor porn or child abuse, for example,  but they’re censoring everything surrounding this. And meanwhile Big Tech now starting to actively censor Christian voices on platforms such as Instagram and others. Stop and think about that. Why is that?

You’ll have plenty of time to do some reading, though, in Bill G*ates “new normal” we’re all being given the mantra of and seemingly now ongoingly forced into. After all, there’s going to be a lot more lonely, quiet nights at home for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re stuck in a domestic abuse situation or not. No one really cares if you’re in that category.

Plenty of time for people to become suicidal and die due to mental health being screwed up because of this pandemic aftermath. But we don’t care much in reality about mental health either, we only talk about it and care about covid, so that’s ok then and those people won’t really matter that much.

You’ll have plenty of time to think about all this and more, including what your thoughts and plans are for mandatory vaccination. According to Mr (no medicine degree, no science degree) G*tes, we will have around 14 more months of this “new normal”, before he and his compatriots such as Anthony Fa*ci and others allow us to then have his “phenomenal vaccine” as he describes it, if he gets what he wants.** And Mr G*tes is very, very used to getting what he wants. The British Government just openly recently signed up to be his GAVI alliance partner as its greatest investor. Again Mr G got what he wanted there. Perhaps Dominic had quite a bit to do with all that and more and hence his indispensability.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ignorance as I wrote in one of my earlier covid related posts, is not bliss.

The Church in NI and UK is largely asleep to all that’s going on, and if all other leaders want to stay silent or ignorant, that’s up to them, but I have simply felt too compelled not to inform more people of a tiny titbit of what is really going on. Not from a place of fear or anything negative, but from a place of faith, hope and sincere love. Christians as as a whole have largely sleep-walked in to all this, but that does not mean we have to sleep walk through it now or beyond.

“What can you do?” I heard a lovely well meaning Christian say last night.

“Everything.” I said.

Christians are meant to have the mind of Christ and discernment from above, not to mention prayer, fasting, worship and other tools in our belt, therefore ought to be much more astute to what’s really going on. Not less, as is often the case.

Keeping our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus, it is entirely possibly and indeed I would argue absolutely necessary to look into these matters, as we focus on the Way, The Truth and The Life. Not merely for any individual’s sake, but for the country and freedoms we love and hold very dear.

And Love and relationship, after all, are being centrally attacked here now and beyond, into the foreseeable future.

Today I didn’t get to hug my precious, very special, eldest niece, just turned 13 years of age.

Finished off the final projects of pandemic furniture this week though:

It’s perfect for outdoor viewing and garden chats.

**Check out http://www.thecorbettreport.com/gates for a further in depth documentary – (view fast before its removed!)


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