(XVI): Sadness in the Socialist Distant New Abnormal

My heart is a wee bit heavy tonight this grey Tuesday night in the wet North Coast. But just for tonight. Tomorrow is a new day.

But not gonna lie.

Control is rising, not diminishing upon our shores.

Revisit my previous post, and ponder anew the words written then: When fear and control are rising upon the earth, who are they from? We know these things are very clearly and obviously not from God.

Jesus came to bring life and life to the full, not bind people up or raise control upon the earth.

The public narrative and discourse progressing and advancing – not even slowly anymore, but rapidly – with and through the ‘viral agenda’ is designed and such, as to stifle debate, taint those who may even minorly critique or hold to account the rulers and authorities even in any small way, and now increasingly slowly try to intimidate those who would stir the waters of thought with intelligent considerations surrounding the further and subsequent measures being rapidly rolled out across these shores.

In addition – somewhat sinisterly – one is increasingly going to be portrayed manipulatively as “selfish” if one even so much as thinks about questioning anything other than going along with the 1 permitted mainstream media narrative – following the new one world agenda – (which by the way, also happens to be following the entire plan almost to the dot and jot set out in the Bill Gate’s sponsored “Event 201” simulation of what to do in a possible pandemic, held in New York last October, 2019, on the 18th to be precise – conveniently just a few months before the wondrous novel virus magically evolved from bats in a cave in China, as we are heartily led to believe.

Interesting. Very convenient timing.

One could almost be conned into thinking Mr G*tes is magically prophetic or something. Almost.

But then again one might have to question the fact the phone signals went down at the Wuhan virology lab that very same week, in October 2019, as Chinese American journalist colleagues have now discovered. Why was that? Will leave you to ponder this one. But you won’t work it out from just here, and meanwhile as I wrote of last time, most of my original easy-to-find-material has now been wiped and censored from the internet. Make what you want of that but if you care about your country you might want be more than a little increasingly concerned at such activity.

What a pure genius Mr G was, though, to have set up a pandemic simulation event then miraculously out of the blue a pandemic (which was only ever allowed to be called a pandemic the day after Mr G said it could be, by the WHO, at the end of January 2020) just ‘so happened’ to come along a few months later. Subtle, eh?

(And by the way you still, at time of writing, can find easy access to some of the aforementioned items, just by no means all of them. And can’t guarantee for how long).

Very convenient of the Bill and Melinda G*tes Foundation to help set up a widescale corporate pandemic simulation event in ‘Event 201′ that now those of us who are geekish enough to know a little about and be led to delve into even just a wee bit, can see what’s going on much more – and indeed to a small extent see some of what’s coming next – in this now very dark new abnormal we are en mass sleepwalking into.

Will post again soon. Until or when this website may well be shut down the way things are going.

Hancock’s latest Bill G*tes’ sponsored press article in today’s British ‘Guardian’ newspaper (by the way, did you know ‘The Guardian’ is now funded by a chunk of G*tes money? As is the BBC) is very clear on its now fairly militant desire to go ahead and shut down anyone or anything that thinks or questions beyond his and the British Government’s very clear agenda for those with any tiny bit of spiritual discernment, wisdom & especially courage, to question or debate anything being pushed upon the population.

We are not allowed to use the brains or critical thinking skills we have acquired through years of the educational conveyor belt system. Apparently we became a communist-like-country somewhere between February and April.

But I didn’t get the memo.

Will leave it here for this rainy Tuesday evening.

In the socialist distant new abnormal Northern Ireland.




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