Covid Tales: Facing Up To The Truth…



After a six week intentional Summer break from posting on here, a new Autumnal season is upon us in the new Covid-era and you can both expect a few more posts again in coming weeks.

Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and his subtle nature echoes that of a slithering venomous snake.

This has hit me rather starkly afresh in the last 6 weeks, as both a serious health scare came and went, and a work bullying, intimidation situation erupted out of nowhere and is still in the aftermath.

All of this has been dealt with head on through faith, prayer and worship, together with the support of a few faithful, steadfast, legendary friends.

The area of health is somewhere I have been attacked again and again in the years since my fresh-faced graduation. I havn’t shared any of that in detail here. Nor should I have to.

However, tonight I do feel that it’s really important to share a snippet more, not merely for my sake, but for others unable to be as vocal or brave (or crazy) as me.

All of what’s going on in our country (and indeed the globe) is far too serious not to.

Far from being over, control and fear are continuing to hurtle ahead at full speed in our Western nations.

By the grace of God I keep bouncing back from fairly brutal, tough stuff that keeps coming at me, seemingly relentlessly, year after year, defying doctor’s thoughts and words and resiliantly tapping in to supernatural endurance and grace Father God has released time and time again, after untold adversity and undesired obstacles in life.

It’s why most of you don’t even know anything of that aspect of my last 14 years, nor is it obvious to look at me most days. Which is great. But this week I will have my 8th medical appointment in about as many weeks, and freshly fight through chronic health struggles that have threatened, collectively, to destroy me but absolutely have not been successful, and on the flip side are actually going to be the very thing that acts as a launch pad for my future and coming ministry, set up by my good, good Father whose leadership is perfect, sovereign and good. (On the days that feel it, AND the days that don’t).

After all, this Winter in Northern Ireland, with a rapidly collapsing jacked-up health service, we really do now need the gift of healing like we’ve never needed God’s supernatural gift of healing before.

If you’re waiting now for ANY Consultant appointment of a non-urgent nature, in Northern Ireland, it starts off as a minimum 3 YEAR waiting list. In many cases it’s even now 4 or 5 years. Those of you from outside of Northern Ireland reading this may struggle to understand how has this even become possible in a Western country, part of the UK?  We wonder too, as citizens! 

One of the most disturbing things about the last number of weeks for me in my most recent journey, was not the scan I had to go for in a Covid-era (compassionless, cold, distant) Northern Ireland hospital setting but the distinct militant coldness, callous ignorance and brain-washed control and fear of a hospital staff member displayed towards me when I sat in a hospital waiting room waiting to find out – frankly – whether I might potentially have cancer or not.

What happened that fateful morning a few weeks ago will live with me a long time.

She literally came at me with a box of face masks, very aggressively, with zero compassion, care or kindness, didn’t introduce herself, most definitely didn’t ask my name nor desire to communicate a gentle, private word, but simply launched in to a blistering public tirade of condemnatory, verbally condescending, judgementalness in front of other members of the public, designed to make me feel guilty and very bad (very bad – because after all I was very, very naughty bad person, and needed to be told off for disobeying ‘Mummy Government’) for sitting there not wearing a face mask.

I simply stayed calm, looked her straight in the eye and asked politely, “Excuse me… do you know my medical history..?”

She looked at me, as if to say, what’s that got to do with anything?

I looked at her, as if to say, everything.

The three second silence felt like an eternity.

She looked at me again, and tried again with her militant mission to reduce my oxygen levels and increase my likehood of becoming ill by reduced immunity masks help contribute to (for all citizens, not just me!) She said, ” You need to wear a face mask…”

I said again, as if she hadn’t heard me the first time, ” Do you know my medical history?”

She looked at me again blankly, with zero compassion, care or indeed remorse at her extreme ignorance and inability to show any kindness towards a patient evidently waiting for a very serious appointment.

I helped her along by saying, ” I’ve very good reasons to NOT be wearing a mask (none of her business what those were, so I did not go on to explain any of my confidential medical history, just as I’m not here).

She looked at me, again, holding out the face mask box at me, almost laughably if it weren’t so tense, in front of several other strangers by now nosily engaged in what should have been an entirely private exchange, but which turned into a humilation for her, if anything, as I looked at her firmly again but gently with one final strong sentence and repeated yet again for her dullness’ sake, “I have medical reasons for not wearing a face mask so no, I won’t be wearing one of your face masks, thanks very much.”

She finally got the message and gave up her aggressive, intimidating, awful attempt to gag me without even speaking to me with any form of even fake courtesy or privacy, when I stood up to this agenda and stood up for myself and others who are too afraid to speak up, and excercised my human innate desire to breathe freely rather than be struggling with my otherwise (maskless) normal lung function.

Is breathing freely really too much to ask in the 21st century these days?

Apparently so.

I then heard my name called for the scan I was waiting for.

Almost in tears from the horrible, horrible, intimidating encounter I had just experienced, I immediately explained very respectfully and politely to the lady taking me to the room for the appointment I was there for, why I was not wearing a face mask just then. Fearful that she might also begin to judge me and tear into me.

“Oh I hadn’t even noticed, don’t worry at all. Why what’s wrong?

She could see I was fighting back tears.

I explained a little of the ghastly exchange I had just had.

This lady was appalled, and lovely, and quite the opposite of the original member of staff. By the end, when I was about to go, after a positive appointment in which I was told there was, “Nothing very much to worry about” despite my GP’s fears, she apologised to me again, and said, “that should never have happened.” (The awful incident in the waiting room with the face mask brigade).

But it did.

And it will again.

And in a society like ours, why are the vast majority of decent people so fearful and / or apathetic that they are seemingly simply okay with this?

This type of thing has happened me multiple times in recent weeks, in shops, and is totally shameful upon our society. If it’s something I’m battling with, how many other people out there are experiencing similar shocking treatment and feelings? 

What is happening to our country?

Why are Churches and Church leaders completely buying into all this, failing to support or even think at all of the very people who’ve often suffered more than enough in their journey already, without now all the daily, ‘face mask shaming’ now taking place for those who wish to simply breath oxygen freely without the reduced oxygen levels and sense of genuine suffocation it brings to so many people, (not to mention associated understandable increased anxiety this all creates).

Not to mention deaf people. Who gives a stuff about them? Certainly not any churches I know of.

Why put people like this through even more daily hell, with so little forethought or healthy scrutiny of ALL that’s going on, not simply bowing to fear, and fear of man. 

Havn’t many of these people suffered enough, without Christians and Churches ignorantly and complicityly adding to it? 

Where are the back-bone filled true leaders who will stand up for those whose voices are being completely ignored in this whole communistic, face masking stance, alone, not to mention all the other aspects of the dark covid agenda continuing to advance, subtly, rapidly?

I absolutely pity teachers and Principals in the middle of all this, I can only imagine the hellishness you are going through now, and pray for a load of you regularly.

Why can’t people who don’t want or really, really CAN’T wear a face covering be supported a bit more ( or a lot more) in this current situation if it’s really just about a virus ? (which killed five times less people in the UK in July than flu and pneumonia, by the way). Why isn’t this support forthcoming for many legitimate individuals, rather than be treated like crap under a subtle but gravely serious political agenda, ostracized or rejected or made to feel even more awful than many innocent law-abiding citizens already do?

When did it become okay for people to have to disclose their medical history or confidential personal private information every time they step out the door simply to not to judged, harrassed or torn into by their fellow citizens?

Why are we now a society that shames and derides innocent law-abiding people who don’t want to wear face masks for very legitimate and wise reasons, for a virus that barely touched the vast majority of the population here, yet we happily allowed the murder of babies to advance freely to where I can now go get an abortion paid for by my British taxpayers’ money still in the covid-era, but I can’t get to see any Consultant for any other legitimate healthcare need?

Why are Churches in Northern Ireland seemingly complicit and completely okay with this, making people with genuine issues who don’t want to wear face coverings (for very, very good, and frankly should be PRIVATE reasons) so unwelcomed at their church gatherings when the (British) Government guidelines even currently states that we are not to challenge people directly if they don’t wear a face mask? And those same Government guidelines state very explicitly that we are not to require those with medical reasons to wear one? Why do I, for example, feel completely unwanted and rejected by Churches if I don’t want to attend a gathering with a face mask that could literally make me potentially ill and is privately very distressing? (But im speaking up, because if I don’t, who will?).

Why is the Church by and large so dull and failing to even have thought of any of this stuff, let alone spear-heading the depressing surge of oppression against many good people in their communuties?

When did the Church stop believing Psalm 91, or the verse in the New Testament that states we are, “not to be ignorant of Satan’s schemes”? Why are so many Northern Ireland Christians okay with being the opposite of these things?

Why is it okay for me to sit with a group of ten friends in a coffee shop for over 90 minutes, freely unmasked, but I can’t go elsewhere for a pint of milk and loaf of bread for a few minutes without wearing a face mask and being judged and harrassed if not?

Where’s the science in all that?


You won’t find it.


When did we become so dumbed down and crazily communistically compliant as a so-called educated society that we became okay with living in all of this, without much further healthy scrutiny and intelligent debate?


Remember Satan masquerades as an angel of light.


Will leave it there for tonight.




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