(XXII) The Great Censoring Continues: The Great Barrington Declaration

The weekend before last, three leading world class infectious-disease epidemiologists came together to sign what was dubbed ‘The Great Barrington Declaration’, to publically propose an alternative to tighter restrictions and lockdowns.

The trouble is, you’ll more than likely not have heard of it, since UK mainstream media totally bypassed it, and Google has more or less censored it, with Bill G*tes-sponsored Guardian newspaper only writing one-sided, totally unbalanced articles about it.

The Declaration was created and signed by Martin Kulldorff from Harvard Medical School, Sunetra Gupta from Oxford University and Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University Medical School, going against the global political agenda of lockdowns being the key to minimising Covid-19 deaths.

As an intelligent alternative, the signatories propose that young people should be able to go about their lives as normal (since they face minimal risk), whilst the most vulnerable receive the most resources, aimed at definitely protecting them.

They argue that lockdowns have not only caused intolerable untold massive collateral damage, but also strongly added to the resultant increased Covid deaths.

However, if you don’t ever stray outside of mainstream UK media, chances are, you’ll have never heard of it, or these three epidemiologists worthy of our attention. After all, we’re all in this together, and we’re following the science aren’t we ?

Google has taken it upon itself to influence the covering up of these scientists’ views. If one searches for it, most users in English speaking countries will not be directed to the declaration itself, but rather to critical articles and posts (most likely from The Guardian 😉 and to some that sound little more than mockery or smearing of these world class scientists’ views.

I wonder why that is?

Did the bats tell them to do this?

Hmm. One is left to wonder.

Google is also very happy for you to read about the (very probably left wing pro-lockdown people, or perhaps just pranksters) signing up to the declaration using fake funny names.

But it certainly does not want you to read the declaration for yourself – (or God forbid, think!) about any of this information for yourself to make up your own mind. (Remember, don’t dare question, and don’t dare intelligently think. Thinking is bad in the ‘new normal’ 😉 If you didn’t get the memo on this, receive it now.

The censorship of any alternative views to coronavirus is shocking – disturbing is perhaps a lot more apt.

But one further question I will leave with you to ponder before I sign off again, is this:

If the bats really created all this, how come the British Parliament introduced a new disinformation unit section to the House of Lords’ library within a week or so of the first case of Covid-19 being confirmed in UK on 25th February, to counteract disinformation and false claims about the virus?

How could they act so fast?

A great thought to ponder.


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