Covid Tales (XXIII): My Dear Wormwood…

My dear Wormwood, our 21st century plan is working very well. Particularly so in Europe, where individual citizens seem still to be buying it all incredibly well. The plan could not be more pleasingly enacted and remains of optimal value to our overall agenda and great operation.

United kingdom and Ireland have surprised me perhaps the most – their numbers in the realm of resistance to our plans are so far extremely low. Still so many seem mesmerized by our brilliant twisting of the propaganda, er, I mean media. It’s really very pleasing. Very pleasing indeed.

In the UK alone, I am delighted how well they have all just accepted the closure of Churches, and shut down of freedoms. It seemed to me, my dear Wormwood, that there might be more – much more – resistance, one would have thought, but no, apparently not. Even today after last night’s announcement in England, only a handful of Catholic Bishops are causing any kind of a stir, against the further shut down of Churches and public worship of any kind until in reality probably well into the Spring of next year. I am delighted at how well our plan is working.

My dear Wormwood, it is really very pleasing indeed.

Never before have we managed to shut down their grotty Jesus worshipping establishments for any length of time, let alone months. So this is really quite an imperatively delightful and significant achievement for us.

Never before, either, has there been a time in the UK where they can’t publically protest the enactment of our cunning plans without the threat of arrest by their own police constabularies. What a genious addition to this year’s plan. It is most heart warming to see such a firm outworking of our exploits.

Again, my dear Wormwood, I am delighted at the magnitude of our exploits and the incredible way in which they are evidently overwhelmingly buying it. Perhaps most especially pleasing is the surprisingly huge ignorance and apathy of their educated classes and religious types. They have been much, much easier to fool than I would have previously thought. Pride, I suppose, is wonderfully helpful to all we are hoping to achieve.

Who would have thought, my dear Wormwood, that such a fantastic result could be being achieved by a mere bio-engineered virus deemed to be from an incredulously creative Chinese bat cave?! My dear Wormwood, my only regret is that we did not try all this much sooner. 75 years is much too long to have waited since the last world-wide attempt.

Hopefully this smooth ease of enactment continues unabated with their ongoing lack of spiritual awareness of the power they carry through their tools in their belt.

It would be potentially lethal to our cause if they start to properly realize those tools are available.

One of the main things, my dear Wormwood, is just for us to keep going with our pride-scratching mantras about conspiracy theories. As long as we can continue that most pleasingly cunning part – and be sure to taint those who are awakened to all our detailed schemes – by that foul label no matter what, we are sure of esteemed success. It seems incredulous to me that more have not woken up to our punitive schemes, but I remain delighted such a position of vast ignorance and fear remains in the vast majority of the British Isles.

We are surely more than half way there with our overall goals for this ambitious operation.


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