(XXIV) Ten Further Questions to Ask Yourself About Current Situations:

1). Why did the media in UK take it upon itself to “call” the US election, when the media has no power in US or anywhere to “call” the US election? The election race continues on Monday morning with law suits and exposure of multiple multi-state stories of voter fraud, including one place recording 6,000 votes from citizens aged 123 years old, (funnily enough all for Mr Joe Biden). “Go figure”, as Americans would say…

2). Why has mainstream media so heavily censored stories of voter fraud in USA? Doesn’t the integrity of elections within the largest Western democracy matter anymore?

3). Why did former British Prime minister Theresa May this week speak out in the House of Commons in favour of the rights of UK church attendees to still attend Church during this covid era, yet Prime Minister Johnson got up and walked out?

4). Why is the mainstream media in the UK completely censoring and dismissing dissenting voices such as (but not limited to) the epidemiologists who wrote and signed the Great Barrington Declaration?

5). Why are our so called greatly honoured and appreciated NHS doctors so dishonoured by having their voices completely silenced at a time of so-called historical health crisis?

6). Why did the UK Chancellor release extra “free” money – billions of extra taxpayers’ money – to facilitate the Government paying millions of workers’s salaries until now at least the end of March, thus creating more and more decades of excessive debt in the UK (with the wider ripple effect this will create)? Why is a Government so freely creating historic debt burden’s that even our grandchildren’s generation will have no hope of having paid off?

7). Why did a headteacher in Liverpool have to retract a letter in the past few days that leaked information by mistake about school pupils there being made to receive a bar code mark this week, irrespective of parental consent ? (Bar code to inform of vaccination and medical history).

8). Why did the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada confirm, just over two weeks ago in the Canadian Parliament, that they are now starting the building of quarantine and isolation camps all across Canada, in light of the continuing covid situation? Why do you think such places would be needing to be built by any Western Government?

9). Why did the World Economic Forum in June put out a factual document now urging the covid crisis to now faciliate “The Great Reset”? What is ‘The Great Reset ‘and what has a covid 19 novel virus got to do with it if it was created naturally by bats in a Chinese cave?

10). Why, for the first time in British history, are we now living in a country in which the freedom to peacefully protest without the threat of police arrest, no longer exists, even if outdoors, socially distanced & wearing face masks?

Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com

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