(XXV): Dangerous Times

What can I say except be honest and vulnerable again? Times are getting very tough and truthfully dangerous. The Church and Christians are still by and large, sleeping. I heard another well meaning person say today, ‘when we go back to normal.’ Quite incredulously. Sadly folks, the powers that are behind all of this are never planning to let you back to the old normal. Life pre-covid is gone. The mourning is real.

And by the way, no one really cares about single people in this Covid-1984 horror situation we are living in within the British Isles, or how disastrously evil and frankly, Satanic, it is to expect them to have no human touch. I mean really? If people don’t die of covid, if it’s not already obvious, the plan is happily to reduce the population by other means. Mr G*tes (who met with Boris this week online, and largely owns the big pharma company talked about all week beginning with ‘P’), is after all an avid eugenicist.

One wonders when more Church leaders are actually going to wake up, to the bigger, darker agenda that’s really going on, behind, yes, a very real, lousy, awful virus. This agenda is becoming clearer every week, to those with only a tiny dose of discernment.

Meanwhile, I am being watched and scrutinized heavily. From China and some other places. I won’t go into the details of it all here. But ‘wordpress’ provides detailed analytics, and it’s very real and most definitely disconcerting and intimidating. If this is just an ‘innocent’ virus, which came accidently from bats in a cave in China, why do you think that is happening on a daily basis? Why, if I’m completely wide off the mark, would anyone in China care about this wee blog?

One needs to be wise.

I have tried to wake up my much loved British Isles based friends to much more behind and beyond covid, to the ‘lock step’agenda (see my earlier posts) in these now country destroying lockdown ‘yo-yo’ sutuations), seeking to lead us into, “The Great Reset”, espoused by Klaus Schwab and others, from (but not limited to) The World Economic Forum. (Which by the way you can still read of freely online, just do a bit of light homework, whilst it’s still possible. The last few days Klaus Scwab’s Twitter account was deactivated – after some very open, brazen and alarming tweets in the last fortnight).

The questions and posts I have posed have been designed to stir the good people on here out of well meaning but largely blind ignorance, to ask questions and stir thinking otherwise curtailed by the dumbed-down society and manipulated media nation we are now living in.

But tonight I have been again been led to think that it may be time for me to retire from on here for at least a little while, if not permanently, until next time I feel a strong ‘unction’ from Father. Which again, may be never. Alternatively it may not. Will see.

At the minute I’m going through my own suffering at present largely aided by inability to access any healthcare now due to covid, despite being a contributing taxpayer, and I meanwhile daily feel a huge ‘check’ in my spirit about the folks watching me. These warning type senses tended to serve me well in past situations and therefore need to be heeded. I have no desire to get arrested just yet, but sadly folks, the way our country is now going, free speech is being eroded rapidly and that’s a very real and coming possibility, as Boris fast-tracked unscrutinized legislation and is now preparing for mandatory dna altering Bill G*tes-pocket-lining vaccinations in the first half of 2021.

This is not a game and this is not a joke.

You need to decide where you and your family stand, now, before the crap really starts to hit the fan in 2021.

I see very real civil unrest on the horizon, but hope I’m entirely wrong and continue to pray for divine interventions.

Our country is in very grave, serious times, and my heartfelt prayer has been, and remains, that maybe, just maybe, at least some tiny snippet of what I have stuck my neck out and written or shared these previous last 9 months may have been used by the good, (very good!) Lord to speak to, prod or probe each of the many of you who have taken time to stop by and curiously or otherwise, read my waffle, amidst these unbelievable times we are all living in.

It is with a heavy heart I am signing off, for now, tonight.

My heart particularly aches for those forgotten ones in abusive, awful living situations, who are being driven to drink, drugs and no doubt eventual suicides at this time, and one wonders what exactly for? My brother has lived and worked in Sweden for well over 10 years now and during this past crazy 9 months he has been able to live his life and go on as normal, no lockdowns. No masks. No mayhem. No madness. And most importantly their country is no worse (much better right now) than ours. Don’t believe all the British propaganda writings painting Sweden in a negative light. Scientific evidence is more and more proving that lockdowns do not reduce mortality rates.

So, with that, I’ll love and leave you for now and possibly for a while.

If you want to contact me, it’s still entirely possible via private message or text.

I would love to pray for you if there’s something you need prayer for, healing or otherwise. Or if you’re in NI and need something, foodwise or otherwise and you don’t know where else to turn. Just know that you’re not alone, and Father God sees you and cares, even when actually, yes, no-one else really does. Such are the times we are now living in.

Finally, to all my One World Agenda admirers: thanks for flattering me so much with your recent attentive global interest. It’s great to know I have so many global admirers. May the Holy Spirit come upon you even now like a bolt of lightning to your Chinese offices, convict you pertinently and bring to light the schemes and wickedness you are up to. May you know that one day you will face your maker for your activities here on earth. And may your dark schemes eventually be completely fully exposed and come to nothing.

Thankfully greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world.

Bye for now.

Love and prayers.


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