Thursday Theology Matters (Week 4 Lent ’23)

The point of this blog emerging again was to keep the words flowing and perhaps reconnect with some of you again. As well as pointing to the fact that what one believes on Thursday matters every bit as much as a Sunday (or your chosen day of worship observance).

This period in the Christian calendar is known as Lent, a 40 day period of traditional fasting leading up to the climax of the Christian calendar, Easter Sunday. Which is approaching shockingly rapidly. (Was it not just Christmas last week ?!)

This past week was also the beginning of Ramadan for the Muslims in Northern Ireland, eating before sunrise and after dark, as religious observance.

It’s got me thinking, a wee bit, about the whole topic of fasting in the Christian context. The British Isles Church appears to have so little experiential understanding of it all, yet Jesus himself told his disciples not IF you fast but WHEN you fast. It was every bit as much expected as prayer. Yet why have so few in the Western Bible believing Churches that I know of in Northern Ireland, for example, diminished and ignored these words, yet picked up upon others?

If fasting meant so much to Jesus, why doesn’t it seem to, to his followers in the British Isles? Perhaps that’s why such spirits have been so dulled in recent years, to fall foul of the dark deception of our times and lying deceitful politicians, failing to ask Holy Spirit what HE has to say on matters pertaining to our day of massive importance these past few years.

The practise of fasting began in my life, ironically enough, in Ukraine, on a three week Summer trip I had the privilege of embarking upon with a team of other young people from the North Coast of Northern Ireland in Summer 2000. I remember sensing I was to fast – yes fully not eat food – for each of the 3 Mondays of that now life-impacting trip.

I had no idea quite how significant or impacting the implimentation of this “new” spiritual discipline as I saw it, would be.

Power comes in prayer when we combine it in fasting.

It’s not a formula though.

Fasting in Christianity, yielded to Father God, is a mystical, self-sacrificial endeavour that brings one closer to God and is not meant for any selfish gain. Yet I can’t help but tell you, time and time again – despite what was just written – I have had massive exciting answers to prayer that have always and only come… yes… through the crazy, but real, powerful spiritual discipline of not eating, but doing it unto the Lord.

Not eating (and doing so unto the Lord!) really gets His attention..!

So why am i writing about this now, this Thursday, in March 2023? Exactly three years on from the craziness of UK going into “lockdown” under Boris Johnson.

Don’t quite know. You will have to figure that one out for yourself. But I’ve the audacity to believe you aren’t reading this by accident.

Why are you here and who led you here? What is HE trying to say to you?

(If you have a medical condition, (as i now have) which restricts, limits or stops your ability to fast, of course consult your doctor before participating in this new spiritual discipline, and tread with caution. But if you’re curious and otherwise healthy, give it a go. When we draw near to God, he DOES draw near to us. Don’t take my word for it).

You might just find God in your Lent fasting journey of 2023.

(And the chocolate eggs taste all the more sweet at the end of any undesireable fasting period).


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