Good Friday Agreement 2023

It’s Good Friday 2023.

What does that even mean?

Eggs, Easter bunnies, chocolates and Spring lambs, right?

Wrong. It’s something so much beyond all the bright, paraphenalia of Easter, that most people who have not grown up in the Christian faith or worldview have increasingly no idea what it’s about.

Much has been made, in Northern Ireland (where i come from) this year of the “Good Friday Agreement” of 1998. (That was the political agreement in Northern Ireland signed by all the main political leaders on what happened to be Good Friday, of that year. That political settlement and beyond is not the scope of this blog post).

One wonders, though, did or do any of the politicians associated with this now infamous political agreement know really what Good Friday – THE Good Friday – was and is really all about?

The original and real meaning of Good Friday, is of course all about Jesus’ horrifying but incredible, self-less death laying down his life for us, to bring us the chance of life and life to the full with God our good, good Father.

It’s about so much more than I can delve into here. And there are a million and one other writers, teachers & pastors more gifted and able than yours truly here to explain it to you in greater depth and detail, if you want.

For this year, 2023, I merely leave you a mention of an unplanned week I’ve just had with elderly people, befriending and praying with many. Meanwhile reconnections with friends who ditched me in 2020 for my views on the covid situation, but who now see I wasn’t so crazy after all. This is the kind of unity and real ‘Good Friday Agreement’ 2023 worth speaking of. Worth writing of. And worth holding as an example to seek more of, frankly, as agreement and unity between generations and those who hold differing views on important subjects is a rarity scarcely happening these days outside or beyond the supernatural love and workings of a risen Lord and loving Saviour.

Good Friday Agreement in my world, 2023.

Sunday is coming. With resurrection.


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