December Beckons…


A YEAR AGO, I was in Warsaw, Poland, for what I had no idea was about to become a very, very significant trip, indirectly, into new scary but faith-filled steps in life. This happened to be as a freelance journalist, commission for Czech based article for a US magazine, but it could just as easily been as something else.

Just two years ago this week, I started placement as a Mental Health Nurse in a specific top hospital trust in London, in a locked secure ward. This led to some incredibly privileged, formative weeks, not only as a student nurse, but simply as a human with a beating heart. Fact can indeed be much, much stranger than fiction. I have never written publically about this time, but some day I will write more, whether directly or indirectly. It isn’t for now, but was too harrowing and significant not to, eventually.

Now, in December 2017, I find myself living and working (studying and serving) in Redding, California, as I live my life dedicated to the One I love, and who first loved me. I thank Him for bringing me through some tough times – some VERY tough times, (and much ongoing), steadying my heart enough to be blasted into this next epic season.

Perseverance produces character and character, HOPE. 

We don’t hear or see much about perseverance or faithfulness in today’s fickle world.

Over the coming days and weeks, I plan to share some more, as the Spirit within me leads, (or not) as the case may be, and post one, two or more posts per week, before this year is out.

I would love to connect or reconnect with old friends and new, as this festive season approaches and affords. Drop me a message here or private message me on other social media.

2017, you have been a corker… and you’re far from over yet…

To be continued…



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