Covid 2020 Tales (vi): Fresh Creativity

THERE’S so much I could write about the last 10 days, in this covid-19 pandemic lockdown, but I’m going to refrain myself in this post.

I will say here that I’m very glad the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is doing so much better. Prayer and fasting is powerful.

This week I took an Easter break from writing and began another wee creative project of a totally different kind.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at some basic woodwork (my Dad has always been an unofficial master craftsman in many areas, not least furniture making). Many of these old creative ways have been lost in our generation.

Wouldn’t it be great if this pandemic shut-down sees a resurrection in creativity for a lot of people?

So what better place to start my woodwork effort (!) than to begin with some basic pallet furniture making. After digging out a few old pallets lying around in a shed, I decided to attempt to make a basic garden pallet sofa….

To be honest, I’ve never really used a saw before as an adult. So we’ll see how this goes.

Wise or not?

We will soon find out.

This is how it all began:


Check back later in the week for its pandemic-facilitated progression.


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