Covid Tales (xi): Generational Stillness

HERE’S AN over 100-year-old Irish oak chair I had the priviledge of restoring this past week or so of further pandemic lockdown in Northern Ireland.

It was thrown out for dumping and pretty ‘worse for the wear,’ as they say in these parts, but I saw potential in it. Rubbish is not always as rubbish as it looks.

Wish I’d taken a photo of it before, but it used to look very dark and very beaten up.

It required a lot of “TLC” including hand sanding, glueing, painting and varnishing. I still have not really got a clue what I’m doing, but it’s been good to have a go and try and see what happens.

It was only after I restored it my legend creative Dad told me it’s huge history.

This chair has had my family members sit in it in County Antrim during the World War One Era, World War Two Era (including VE Day), and now restored for a few more folks to enjoy sitting in during the post-pandemic new era we will now be coming into…

” Be still and Know I am God” springs to mind when I look at it, and has been the general theme and unplanned quiet inspiration in just about everything lately.

Powerfully good advice right now…





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